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The first time when I saw the Gear Fit during Samsung’s Galaxy S5 launch in Malaysia nearly two months ago, it came to mine that hey – the curved screen is definitely something special! Touch screen with a Super AMOLED display, a heart rate sensor, and also able to vibrate when notifications come in? On paper, that makes the Gear Fit sounds like a jack-of-all-trades.

After having that thought – I looked at my wrist, and there I saw a Black Dice GURU on my wrist, an LED watch that I always wear to wherever I go. Then again, my Black Dice GURU doesn’t have anything “smart” or “fitness” in it, it’s just an LED watch that shows me the time and date.

ASUS ZenBook 14 AMD

My question is – how does it fare out compared to the Gear Fit? In this review, I’m going to split it and look at the Gear Fit in 3 different perspective – as a smart complementary device for your smartphone, as a fitness device, and lastly as a watch. Of course, we’ll into some other common traits first.
DSC_3578 copyAbsolutely nothing out of the ordinary. It’s packaged in the usual Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5’s box, with wooden texture printed on top of the cardboard. I have to say, it sort of matches my table’s wooden texture. DSC_3585 copy Opening the box, you’ll be presented with practically nothing, other than the watch itself. DSC_3582 copy Digging deeper, you’ll see all the necessary things inside. DSC_3581 copyHere’s all the accessories you get. The watch, micro USB wall plug, a micro USB to the Gear Fit’s proprietary charging dock, some manuals, guides and also a warranty card.

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