Okay, it’s December right now and we just got the 55-inch version of the Samsung Neo QLED QN95B for review. By the time this video is published, it will be supremely close to CES 2023, and that means Samsung will announce a whole new generation of TVs, making this TV that we are showing here, essentially out of date. Since we’re technically a year late for this review, I’m going to briefly talk about what my thoughts are and if this TV is worth buying even though it is “a year late”.

Please watch the video instead of reading the article. Seriously, it’s better to see it in motion instead of screenshots.

When we unboxed the TV, well I gotta say the unboxing experience of Samsung TVs is always fantastic and the installation process is amazing. Just make sure to get someone to help because the entire setup is actually rather heavy. Once we got everything installed, you have two choices – do you want to mount the OneConnect Box on the neck of the TV stand, or separate it out and put it somewhere in your TV console for easy access?

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B 55 inch
New OneConnect box can be mounted on the monitor stand directly.

That choice is up to you. Samsung provided two lengths of cables to connect the OneConnect Box to the TV panel and I gotta give them credit for that.

If you chose the latter like what we did here, then you can enjoy the new – actually not that new – Infinity One design. It’s sleek and everything is housed within a small footprint – but accessing those ports will be a pain in the butt.

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B 55 inch

We do have a bunch of ports here including 4 HDMI ports – one of them supports eARC – and 3 USB Type-A ports for external storage support. I still wish there is a direct 3.5mm audio jack and maybe the inclusion of a USB-C port since their phones come with USB-C to USB-C ports nowadays.

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B 55 inch

Taking a step back and look at the TV itself, yeah it has a truly magnificent design. The bezels are supremely thin and it just looks gorgeous. Plus, the only small “anomaly” here is the small Samsung logo at the bottom right corner.

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B 55 inch

The looks aside though, the panel is what impressed me the most. This Samsung Neo QLED QN95B uses a mini LED backlight and everything looks absolutely gorgeous on this TV. No joke – it is supremely amazing and bright. It also comes with the Quantum Matrix Technology which essentially means they have fine controls over the local dimming zones to allow a better HDR experience. Colors are supremely vibrant as well – especially in dynamic mode. It also has the Filmmaker mode that says true to the filmmaker’s intent.

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B 55 inch
The dimming zone control is excellent on this TV

Then, they have a new and improved Neural Quantum Processor 4K. It now uses 20 neural networks to enhance details to ensure your 4K content looks good. This feature is not applicable to PC connection and Game Mode, however.

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B 55 inch

We also finally have the new remote control that has a rechargeable battery that we can charge by either plugging in the USB-C port or flip it and let the sunlight charge it for us. Yes, it’s solar-powered but it’ll take a supremely long time to charge the remote. Take it as a bonus feature.

I guess I should also mention this TV’s built-in speakers. On the specs sheet, Samsung states that this TV has 4.2.2 channel – to which I want to ask – which speaker is pointing upward? Samsung’s official product page says sound is coming from the top left and right corners but there are no speakers there.

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B 55 inch
Which speaker is pointing upwards???

We have paired this Samsung Neo QLED QN95B TV with the Samsung Soundbar Q800B and with this combo, we have Q-Symphony. As far as I remember, last time it just says “Q-Symphony” outright but now it’s “TV+Soundbar”. Either way, they mean the same thing and the sound truly becomes a lot better. Here is a comparison between the TV speakers only, the soundbar only, and with TV+Soundbar modes.

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B 55 inch

In terms of other features though, they’re pretty much the same as before. Looking at the settings menu, we have the usual picture settings and whatnot – even the interface is the same as the Freestyle projector or the M7 Smart Monitor that we reviewed previously.

Review – Samsung Smart Monitor M7 43-inch


Should you buy the Samsung Neo QLED QN95B a year after its release?

Okay, enough about those. The question I want to ask is – should you buy this TV a year after its release? Remember – we don’t know what Samsung is going to announce during CES 2023, and I’m sure they’ll have a batch of new TVs with new technologies and whatnot.

Samsung Neo QLED QN95B 55 inch

The 3 reasons why I choose the Samsung Neo QLED QN95B are:

  1. The beautiful TV panel with super slim bezels. Seriously, no other TV looks this good and has a mini LED panel and you don’t even have to worry about burn-in.
  2. The features. That OneConnect box is handy especially if you put it externally somewhere around your TV and you get easy access to all the ports you need.
  3. Depending when you’re seeing this, you could get the TV at a heavily discounted price.
Samsung Neo QLED QN95B 55 inch
What we’re seeing right now

This TV is also available in 3 sizes – 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch.

I think for most people, buying the previous-generation TV is actually a better financial decision. It probably will have a big discount yet it probably won’t lose out that much compared to the new one, especially if the price gap is huge enough.

That is why even with this entire review done, I will not recommend you buy now. Wait until CES 2023 announcements and see what’s new. Then, see how the prices of previous models change, then rewatch this video again to reevaluate the situation.

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