Another day, another audio device? Seems like it, as music is truly my life. However, the Samsung R7 is something truly different – it has a circular design and claims to have 360º audio. Yes, that’s technically “surround” sound.


Samsung R7 (8)

The looks of this piece of beaut is simple – it has an oblong shape with a few subtle buttons at the front, and a LED to indicate the status of the speaker.

Samsung R7 (5)

Those few buttons are important – at least for the first time using the Samsung R7. To connect via Bluetooth or speaker will require you to look at the manual of course, as it is not straight forward, though easy.

The Samsung R7 would look really nice with the tripod stand accessory, and put a couple of flower pots around the base to conceal it. Dang, the house can be filled with great music and it’ll be seemingly difficult to even find out where the sound is coming from!

Smartphone app

I have to talk about the software as fast as possible for the Samsung R7. This speaker connects to other devices by using Bluetooth at first, but then can be connected through WiFi through the Samsung Multiroom app. Then, music can be streamed from any of the devices through Samsung Multiroom app! This works for both Android and iOS too, so rejoice!

Let’s just say that the software here is quite functional, but not the most beautiful in anyway. You can connect the Samsung R7 to other services once it’s hooked on to your WiFi, like TuneIn, Spotify, and even TIDAL. Starting to look like a Sonos competitor here too. To connect the Samsung R7 to other peripherals around the house, you can do so by either using the app or by reading the manual and pressing some buttons (I don’t remember which).

Streaming songs from phone is simple and straight forward, where Samsung even included the function for other devices with the Multiroom app to change music on your device. Neat!

The only real problem I have with the software itself though is shuffling mode – why does it keep looping itself in 4 songs if I don’t skip the tracks manually? Some sort of magic number that my library has, or just a minor glitch?

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Never mind about those though, as the Samsung R7 has the ability to update the firmware for all the latest and greatest features!

Another thing I can’t understand why though, as Samsung didn’t provide any software for laptops or desktops to use the Samsung R7 through WiFi, and you’ll have to use Bluetooth. Me being a Bluetooth hater, it really got on my nerves.

Sound quality

Samsung R7 (3)

First of all, I’d like to point out something about the Samsung R7 – it produces 360º sound. I think it’s a different way of viewing “surround sound”, as just one Samsung R7 wraps the entire room with sound, in contrast with having multiple speakers to wrap a person with sound.

To be honest, I’d say that the speaker itself sounds pretty good. As usual, I listen to Adventure Time by Rogue and it sounded great – and I mean everything about it, including the thumping bass. That time, I was sitting about 2 meters away from the speaker. After that, I went somewhere further from the speaker, and there it suffered the laws of physics – the bass started losing its impact little by little.

Samsung R7 (2)

This is by no means Samsung’s fault as the bass thumps can still be heard clearly, just not felt. I find this really pleasing too, as it doesn’t give me a headache after all those vibrations. I actually have to give Samsung an award here for doing a good job here, as the mids and highs are superb and glides across the entire house!

Listening to some Frank Sinatra and the Samsung R7 really showed what it can do in terms of the mids and highs. The voice that comes out of the Samsung R7 is just too good.

Volume on the other hand is also spectacular here – I usually tune it in about 20% of the volume when I’m 5 meters away from it, and even that made it difficult to talk to other people. Also, the volume can be adjusted through the app. Really neat!

Wrap up

Samsung R7 (6)

Think of the Samsung R7 as a piece beautiful furniture that also makes beautiful sound to electrify the house with great ambiance. I really hope that they would include the tripod stand and the tabletop stand together, but alas, Samsung chose to only include the tabletop stand. Nonetheless though, the Samsung R7 is still an amazing offer.

The Samsung R7 is available for sale at RM2,199, and I think the price is right. Get one of this, hang it upside down in the living room, and enjoy forever. BRB, wiping my saliva.

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