Sudio is always known to make stylish audio products. We’ve first looked at the Sudio Vasa Bla early this year – and damn that thing looks beautiful. Now, we’re collaborating with Sudio again to bring you the review of the Sudio TRE – yet another pair of wireless earphones, but this time it’s targeting a very niche market.

Before we begin, we have to tell you something. We collaborated with Sudio Sweden to bring you guys an exclusive deal for this Christmas!

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333

SUDIO Sweden is having a 2017 Christmas and Year End promotion now and they’re giving away free gift box for every purchase and free delivery to Malaysia. Do not forget to put the hashtag #sudio, #sudiosweden, and #sudiomoments too.

Also, use discount code NasiLemakTech at checkout to get 15% off of all products from Sudio Sweden!

Let’s take a deep dive into what the Sudio TRE is all about. But first, take a look at our video review of the Sudio TRE to get a better idea of what the Sudio TRE is all about!


As a part the collaboration, Sudio sent us a total of 2 pairs of Sudio TRE with our color choices. I chose the Classic Blue and White colors, just because. They also sent us the gift box like last year’s collaboration on the Sudio Vasa Bla. Thanks, Sudio!

Sudio TRE

Delivery was really quick as it was shipped to me via DHL. It was first picked up by DHL on 14th November 2017, and it arrived on my doorstep on the 16th of November. Sudio Sweden actually told me that “shipping time is estimated to be around 5 days”. Maybe when it’s near Christmas, so better order your pair of Sudio audio earphones or headphones quick!

Sudio TRE

When the package arrived, all I have to say is this – Sudio is really classy when it comes to their packaging presentation.

The gift box can actually fit in the entire box of the Sudio TRE with some extra space on both sides and a little more at the top. It’s technically the same tight fit as the Sudio Vasa Bla that we reviewed early this year.

Opening up the gift box reveals a little to-and-from tag with the Sudio logo printed on the other side. Tie this up onto your gift box before gifting it to your loved ones for that extra effort to show that you care. 🙂


Sudio TRE

Behind the box of the Sudio TRE describes all of the features and accessories that you’ll be getting inside the box itself.

Sudio TRE

Opening up the box reveals that they’ve finally revamped the entire packaging design. The Vasa Bla had a pretty underwhelming unboxing experience once the outermost shell was opened.

This time around, it has a hard plastic window that opens and reveals the Sudio TRE on the top side, and all the other accessories in a box right below it. It’s a simple yet clean packaging design.

Sudio TRE

Digging everything out reveals that the Sudio TRE comes with a user manual, a warranty card, 2 extra pairs of wingtip sizes, a leather pouch, and a clothes clip. Of course, the pair of earphones themselves too.

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