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Vivo released the Vivo V20 Pro not long ago alongside the base variant the V20, but we’re only focusing on the Pro variant today. This new variant comes with a few surprises here and there and generally, it’s a really well-built smartphone. So, let me share my experience with you in this video here.

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In summary, I think that the Vivo V20 Pro is very similar in both design and specs to the Vivo X50 Pro that we reviewed not long ago. The overall design is the same, and even the color is the same. Camera cutout is also similar, but the V20 Pro uses a flat screen instead of a curved one.

Vivo V20 Pro

The main difference here is, of course, the gimbal-like stabilization for the main camera. The Vivo X50 Pro has it while the Vivo V20 Pro does not – which is why the V20 Pro is nearly half the price of the Vivo X50 Pro, at RM1,899.

So I think the best way I can describe who the Vivo V20 Pro is for is like this – if you’re already looking for the Vivo X50 Pro but do not want that gimbal-like stabilization, then get the Vivo V20 Pro. The main camera can also take some amazing pictures and the software experience is pretty basic, but it works and I don’t have any major complaints about it.

Vivo V20 Pro

And at the end of the day, the Vivo V20 Pro is actually a very decent, well-balanced phone in all regards – including both hardware and software.Nasi Lemak Tech Gold Award

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