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It’s been quite a while since we did any sort of gaming chair review – and the momentum in the market is really starting to pick up in the past few months. More and more brands start sprouting out and jumping into the gaming chair scene, and Warlord is one that caught my attention. Here we have the Warlord Horsemen X – the one that’s priced the lowest out of the 3 in their gaming chair lineup. The overall experience, however, brings an immense value.

Warlord Horsemen XSo let’s start off by showing off a start-to-finish overview and review of the Warlord Horsemen X gaming chair.

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The entire unboxing experience was rather funky. Warlord just told me that they have this brand new fancy box design that they wanted me to show off to all of you guys. To which I reply – okay, show me that you got.

Warlord Horsemen X box

Which they did – I was surprised by this box that has a rather good-looking design rather than just layers upon layers of cardboard wrapping the contents of the box. Just take a look at it here.

Warlord Horsemen X

It’s not a superbly colorful type of box, but they’ve kept everything simple and easy yet looks great.

Warlord Horsemen X
Even the inside is decorated!

In the box, you get the usual things that come along with a gaming chair – the lumbar support and headrest pillows, two side covers, an aluminium base, a control unit, a piston and cover, few screws, the backrest, the seat, and the wheels. What’s interesting here is the inclusion of a screwdriver.

Warlord Horsemen X
This little tool does wonders!


I appreciate the fact that Warlord actually made the installation user manual colored and graphical. That really helps in getting everything clearly laid out – but then again, it might look as if the manual is overly simple. That’s not really the case – here’s why.

Warlord Horsemen X control unit

The first gaming chair that I’ve assembled had an issue where I was unsure where the control unit should face. I had to personally ask them again to clarify which side it should face, so I don’t have to go back and reassemble it after I finished getting everything together. The way that Warlord handled this potential issue on the Horsemen X, was simple – print an arrow and the word “FRONT” on the control unit instead.

Great job!

Other than that, the installation went pretty well – until I found out that all the M6 screw sets (washer and ring are fixed in position already and they can’t be taken out, nice touch) are pre-installed in the screw holes on the seat of the Warlord Horsemen X.

This got me thinking about two things: “I’ll have to manually take out all the screws first before installing the control unit or the arm rests.” Which is quite annoying, since I have to do some extra labor. I also recommend you guys to use an electric screwdriver if you have one – that’ll save a lot of time and energy.

Warlord Horsemen X base
It look the longest of time to screw the control unit in…

Then the true installation phase of the Warlord Horsemen X is simple. Align where the front of the seat will be with the label “FRONT” on the control unit, and screw it down. Then, align the armrests on both sides, and screw them down too.

Eventually, the finishing touch is upon us – the dreaded side covers. I had the no issues with the right side cover, but the left side cover just wouldn’t screw in. Upon further inspection, it’s because of the screw length that didn’t catch on the threads. No idea why the asymmetry, but that’s what’s happening.

Warlord Horsemen X


When it comes to my body’s satisfaction with what I sit on, I can vouch for the Warlord Horsemen X. The cushions are thick and soft – especially the seat. With those elastic bands at the bottom instead of having a piece of wood, my butt can’t stop saying thanks to me.

Warlord Horsemen X
Sturdy base and yet ample padding for your everyday use and comfort

There is about 40cm worth of space from the lumbar support all the way till the edge of the seat, which is surprisingly comfortable and adequately spacious even for someone who’s about 180cm tall.

I slept on the Horsemen X for quite a lot of time

That said, the headrest is at just about the right height when I’m sitting properly. While the headrest is secured in that position, I find it rather easy to shift it a little downwards for when I do slouch while sitting or sleeping on the Warlord Horsemen X. Oh trust me, I slept on the Horsemen X for quite a lot of time, and for extended periods of time too. And, that headrest is actually puffed up by some cotton-like material. If you feel the headrest is too puffy, then just remove some of those fillings outright. You can stuff it back in later if you feel like it.

Warlord Horsemen X
Just make sure you keep these fillings somewhere safe. Or you can add your own material inside if you want to.

The only thing that I have to complain is the armrest – particularly on the left armrest. On paper, it does have 4-axis adjustments like height, angle, left/right and forward/backward adjustment. The right armrest did all of these flawlessly and solidly, but not for the left side. Warlord promised that you can get a replacement by request.

You can get warranty on that armrest

Those words were music to my ears and therapy to my worried mind.

Wrapping up the Warlord Horsemen X review

From what I can tell you, the Warlord Horsemen X is a fantastic chair for your value. It’s available a total of 4 different colors. Sure, the names are a little edgy, but you have options. I kid you not, these are the names for the few different colors of accents on the Warlord Horsemen X.

  • War’s Ruin – RED Edition
  • Death’s Despair – BLUE Edition
  • Femine’s Fear – GREEN Edition
  • Conquest’s Glory – BLACK Edition

Of course, the one that I have for review here is the Conquest’s Glory – the full blacked out color scheme. I have to say, it looks really sleek to the point where it can literally be a fully-featured office chair where you can sit comfortably, and even take a nap on it.

Warlord Horsemen X

It’s officially priced at USD $199, or RM799 flat. That’s because all Malaysians will get free delivery!

There are other models of bucket-style chairs from Warlord too, and the most noticeable difference between each and every one of them is the size. So if you’re a larger size person, consider getting the Templar or Phantom.

Interested in getting a Warlord Horsemen X chair for yourself?
Click here to head on over to Warlord’s Facebook page and PM them for more details.

Warlord Horsemen X
Yeah, my workstation is a mess.

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