ASUS VivoBook S14/S15


We all love music, and we all love to carry our music along with us to everywhere we go. To listen to those music however can be quite a nuisance as some of us prefer to use earphones, whereas some of us prefer to use headphones. Here comes the other group of people – those who prefer portable loudspeakers. Let’s get on with the review and see how this small little speaker fares out!

Looking at the box of the X-mini WE speaker, it looks pretty simple and shows the speaker through the transparent plastic. Taking out the packaging entirely, there are a number of things included within the box itself.

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  1. […] If you ever find it annoying to manually enable Bluetooth, then to search for discoverable device, tap on it, wait for a message prompt and enter the pairing passcode (if any) just to pair a device, then NFC is here to shorten the entire process. Just tap your phone over an NFC-enabled device to be paired with and it will automatically be paired. There are a lot of NFC-enabled devices – for example the X-mini WE thumbsize speaker that we recently reviewed. […]


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