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We’ve all been waiting for Xiaomi’s TVs to be available for sale in Malaysia for a very long time – maybe half a decade? And today, we can finally buy it now. No need to go through some sketchy import channels – just buy directly from Xiaomi Malaysia.

But, is the Mi TV P1 good? Today, we’re going to review the Mi TV P1 55-inch.

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I heavily recommend you watch the video since many things are better conveyed through video.


I gotta say, the unboxing is a little gaudy. The process to take out of the box is just painful. You’ll have to lift the TV out vertically while it is standing – and this is a massive 55-inch TV.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55

It’s a one-time thing but the first impression matters a lot. After taking out the entire TV, we still have to take the screws out of the accessories pack and screw in the two stands. Yeah, we’ll need to whip out our screwdriver.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55


After setting it up, it looks good. This is a good-looking TV. The Xiaomi TV P1 55-inch is a pretty TV. It’s nice to look at – honestly, as it is minimalistic.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55

At the bottom of this TV, we have this little extension. This is where the far-field microphones are found, and we have a switch to toggle the mics on or off.
We’ll talk more about this later.


Moving on – the IO. I have to say, Xiaomi did an excellent job here. The amount of IO is great as everything from the old to new types of inputs are supported. The placement of IO is also great since all the HDMI ports and USB ports are accessible at the side. It even supports eARC for one of the HDMI ports.

BTW, for compatibility, the Mi TV P1 comes with a few different HDMI modes to select from.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55

Panel quality

But, I do have some complaints. Xiaomi, being the one who touts “honest pricing”, isn’t exactly honest in terms of marketing. The bezels aren’t as thin as shown on their website. It’s actually quite thick because of the inner black border.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55

Okay, the biggest thing of all – panel quality. We once again need to bring up Xiaomi’s not-so-honest marketing. Xiaomi claims that this TV has 94% coverage of DCI-P3 so we took out our own colorimeter to verify this claim. So, we left most settings in default – but we changed:

  • Color temperature – standard
  • HDMI RGB range – full
  • Color space – we do have the option to change between native and DCI-P3

We tested it in native color space first and this is what we get. The sRGB is actually pretty good at about 96% coverage, so that’s okay. But the DCI-P3 color space… That’s… definitely not 94% coverage.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55

So, we changed to DCI-P3 color space and tested it again then – why not.
But the results… are identical. 🤷‍♀️

One thing that we did realize is the contrast and saturation level. My wallpaper was supremely saturated when I connected it to the TV and wow, my dark blue wallpaper became purple.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55


Okay then, moving on to software. It’s pretty standard Android TV actually. The layout is identical to any other Google TV but there are a few extra features sprinkled on top.

On the remote, you can hit the SET button to enter this menu to do some of the aforementioned things like changing the HDMI version, color space, all of those things.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55

I think it is here that we should also point out that the remote control is pretty well-designed. This remote control also has a microphone at the top. We can press it and talk to the remote control and it works.

And back to the TV’s far-field mic. It just… doesn’t work. If you want to turn the far-field mics off, then you can – but the LEDs will be in orange permanently.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55

User Experience

Okay, so user experience. Overall think it’s fine. This TV is very good for what it has to offer. Though, there is an option to change between standard and game mode – we didn’t realize any impact in terms of picture quality or colors, but only the response time changes.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55

Should you buy the Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55-inch?

For the price of RM2,499, this is a pretty decent TV overall. There are other 55-inch TVs in the market but they’re at about the same price too. However, Xiaomi does have a tendency of constantly cutting its product’s price down for promotions.

Maybe for the upcoming 10.10 sale, Xiaomi is having a promotion for the Mi TV P1? Else, maybe there’s a sale on 11.11 instead?

  • Mi TV P1 32-inch (720p resolution) @ RM999
  • Mi TV P1 43-inch (4K resolution) @ RM1,799
  • Mi TV P1 55-inch (4K resolution) @ RM2,499

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