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Xiaomi – a company that came from custom ROMs have been making multiple dents around the universe ever since its inception as a company in China. They created a lot of other products besides mobile phones – but today, we’re going to look at their Xiaomi Piston Earphones v2.1, the latest and only Piston model available to Malaysians.

Without further ado, this is the Xiaomi earphones.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

DSC_5019 copy

Xiaomi’s method of packaging the earphones is something to be given attention to, as they are generous enough to give you more than is required in a packaging.

DSC_5020 copy

Opening up the piece of plastic on the top reveals the a piece of silicon mold that is made to hold the entire earphone itself – as you can coil the wires around the mold and put the button controls, the jack, and also the earbuds themselves on the mold.


The mold has a very soft silicon feel to it, and you will never have to worry about damaging your earphones at all. You can even coil back the earphones back into the mold if you plan to take it with your travels too, It can be a makeshift case, if you wish it to be so.

DSC_5017 copy

After removing the silicon mold we have the eartip sizes arranged very neatly (though I have misarranged them), and there is another cable holder in the middle, though I forgot to put it back while photographing.

There are a total of 4 sizes of eartips, the S M L as depicted above and also another one that the earphones came along with. I have no idea what is the size of the eartips that it came along with, but all I can say is that 4 eartips sizes are sway beyond sufficiency.

Packaging gets an A+ here. Xiaomi thought of the after-unboxing user experience too, and I really appreciate that.

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