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Some may know Xiaomi as an Android smartphone brand but little did they know the fact that the Chinese company has a tonne of products spanning across different categories under their belt. Today we will be looking at one of Xiaomi ZAJIA subsidiary’s products – the automatic water faucet. Yes, the name ZAJIA is the subsidiary name and there’s no specific product name for the water faucet. Nonetheless, let us go through what you’re getting out of RM89.

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What’s in the box

Review - Xiaomi ZAJIA Automatic Water Saver Faucet 1

  • Xiaomi ZAJIA automatic water faucet
  • Water faucet adapters
  • Metal tool
  • O-ring with filter
  • User manual & documentation

Review - Xiaomi ZAJIA Automatic Water Saver Faucet 2

In order to accommodate different types of faucet, Xiaomi ZAJIA has included a slew of adapter sizes.

Xiaomi ZAJIA Automatic Water Faucet

The main unit of the water faucet is made out of plastic. Despite so, the overall construction feels robust and dense. There are two infrared sensors on the body of the faucet, one at the bottom and one at the side. The bottom sensor works like any other standard water faucet sensor. When it detects an object/hand in proximity, it will turn on the faucet. It has a 10cm of detection range and it will automatically turn off the faucet once the object/hand moves out of its detection zone.

The side sensor, on the other hand, has a shorter 5cm detection range and allows you to turn on the faucet without having to leave anything in proximity of the sensor. The faucet will turn on when you trigger it and the water will flow continuously until you trigger the sensor again. Even if have forgotten to turn off the faucet, the built-in 3 minutes timer will stop the water flow to prevent wastage.

Review - Xiaomi ZAJIA Automatic Water Saver Faucet 3

A rubber flip cover prevents water from getting to the micro USB port.


Review - Xiaomi ZAJIA Automatic Water Saver Faucet 4

First, replace the faucet’s existing aerator with the adapter of matching diameter.

Review - Xiaomi ZAJIA Automatic Water Saver Faucet 5

Remember to place in the filtered o-ring before installing the adapter.

Review - Xiaomi ZAJIA Automatic Water Saver Faucet 6

Our major complaint of this installation process is the metal tool used to fasten the adapter is a pain in the arse to use. Unlike any standard hexagonal tools, for some reason, Xiaomi has opted for gear-like tabs on the adapter which takes some time to fasten it.

Review - Xiaomi ZAJIA Automatic Water Saver Faucet 7

Afterwards, just plug in the automatic water faucet to the adapter and you’re done. Remember to keep the metal tool as you may need it for easy removal of the water faucet for charging in the future.

User Experience & Wrapping up the review

Review - Xiaomi ZAJIA Automatic Water Saver Faucet 8

As for the battery life, Xiaomi has claimed the water faucet to be operatable up to 6 months per full charge. For obvious reasons, since I have just used the water faucet for a month, I can’t really testify if the claim is legit or not.

While the ownership impact may not be tremendous, however, I do think it actually serves the purpose of saving water. For instance, I no longer have to keep the tap running while washing my face or having to fiddle around to turn on the tap with my dirty hands. 

Granted, some may argue that the amount of water saved in the process is rather negligible even in the long run. However, every drop of water saved is a step taken towards conservation. For the convenience and feels good factor, I’d say the RM89 (until end of December 2019 only) is a reasonable price for it.

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