A few months ago, Royal Canin announced their own app, aptly named the Royal Canin Club. We had the opportunity to interview Dmitriy Sokolov, Market Head of Royal Canin Malaysia, and get some insights on how the entire Royal Canin Club ecosystem works.

The app, in a way, is like a loop that rewards both Royal Canin customers and retailers at the same time.

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If you’re interested to try out the Royal Canin Club for yourself, download them here:

We asked a few questions, here are the answers we got.

  • It seems like Royal Canin is doing something like an ecosystem for Malaysians?

Royal Canin wants to create a healthy and thriving environment for pets and the pet owner ecosystem in Malaysia through its latest app, Royal Canin Club. It is an app designed to engage, educate, and guide pet owners, providing information about the best practices of pet care through informative and engaging content on topics like diet and nutrition, digestive health, neonatal to aging care, skin and coat care, pet training and behaviors, and their general wellbeing.

This holistic ecosystem covers all bases from pets to pet owners and even to pet retailers who are able to benefit from the app. For pet owners, they are able to take the information from Royal Canin Club to educate themselves and make informed choices for their pets – enabling their pets to live healthy lives. This is achieved through the many interactive features of the app including e-Learning and quizzes, setting up your personal pet profile, points collection and rewards system, and so on.

Royal Canin retail partners are able to make use of the app to track every transaction and redeem coupons, as well as redeem gift set giveaways among other features.

  • There are participating retailers that can display the Royal Canin code and give customers the reward for scanning/checking in the store?

Each pet shop is assigned to its own pet shop referral code for the app. Pet owners can key in the referral code upon signing up to earn 10 points.

Pet shops also have their own version of the Royal Canin Club app which also offers educational content for continuous learning, so that they are better equipped to offer advice to customers. 

  • Also, what’s the target adoption rate within – let’s say a year?

Since the launch of Royal Canin Club in Malaysia, we’ve been encouraged by the response from Malaysians thus far and are optimistic about the further adoption rate of the app in the future. This follows the success of the launch of Royal Canin Club in other Southeast Asian markets. We can’t share our numbers just yet, but we hope to continue reaching as many pet owners across the country as possible. 

  • How will Royal Canin want to promote the ecosystem other than the reward system?

The Royal Canin Club app is driven to educate our pet owners. We believe that proper education and preparation is crucial for every pet journey. The app looks at the user’s pet profile and analyses the pet’s breed, age or life stage, and any particular needs. From that, the app would deliver personalized content to educate and empower pet owners on how they can provide their pet with the best care and nutrition.

We have also recently introduced new features within the Royal Canin Club app whereby users can redeem a free gift set and have it delivered right to their doorsteps. This is in line with the current Conditional Movement Control Order where Malaysians are advised to stay safe at home.

Looking ahead, Royal Canin will continue to bring value through Royal Canin Club, and here are some of the features that users can look forward to in 2021 among others: point on purchase feature, Royal Canin Club’s launch in vet clinics, and friend referrals to claim more points.

  • Are there any plans to expand the Royal Canin Club app to include social media like aspects for pet owners to post questions and get answers back from the community and perhaps even from experts?

The Royal Canin Club app is all about creating a holistic and conducive ecosystem to encourage pet owners to provide their furry friends with the best care, so a feature like this would be a great platform to offer more in-depth support. It’s definitely something that we will explore for future updates.

As we continue to engage pet owners through this app and our other campaigns, we hope to understand what it is that Malaysian pet owners need – their user behavior and awareness gaps – and introduce solutions that would be useful to them.

And the entire interview is looking to be an ever-growing ecosystem that rewards customers and retailers overall. There will be more features being added over the months.

For pet owners (like me), we’re definitely looking forward to seeing what Royal Canin has to offer. Since we still need to get these necessary supplies for our pets anyway, might as well get rewarded while doing these.

Again, if you’re interested – download the Royal Canin Club app and try it out for yourself.

To learn more about the Royal Canin Club app, click here.

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