It’s a bit ironic seeing something like a yellow S Pen, and here Samsung is showing it off. The Galaxy Note9 is also shown off in its full glory in this new render leaked by Evan Blass.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 leak render

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333

We pretty much know that the Samsung Galaxy Note9’s S Pen will be in yellow color since Samsung already has a teaser video of it.

What’s ironic here is the fact the in this leak is that the Galaxy Note9 is in Samsung’s iconic Coral Blue color that I love so much – but the S Pen is in yellow! The colors aren’t in sync – but I think Samsung has an explanation for it. We’ll have to wait for the launch on 9th August 2018 for that – but until then, we’re left with no clues.

Upon further analysis of the leaked render, physical changes on the Note9 seems to be moving the fingerprint scanner to under the camera – much like what happened to the S8 and the S9.

Speaking of the camera, it seems like Samsung is opting for the same camera configuration for the Note9 where the secondary camera functions as a zoom camera. We saw Samsung did this to the S9+.

However, Samsung might make the shift to go for a wide-angle camera instead. Remember that the Note8 was Samsung’s first phone to have dual-cameras.

Bezels on the leaked render of the Note9 seems to be of the same size as the Note8 that we reviewed and loved here, and the buttons seems to be of the same position too. The Bixby key makes a return once again at the left side, underneath the volume rocker. The power button remains alone on the right side.

We’ll have to wait until 9th August for the full details. Until then, we only have rumors and leaks to work with.

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