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Remember a few years ago when people stacked a SIM card and a microSD card together then stuffed it inside the phone? Yeah – don’t do that. It’ll likely damage your phone. But during that time, this the only way to use both SIM card slots and microSD. As for now, times have changed. The new Galaxy S20 series can use two SIM + microSD card without stacking or stuffing any cards.

Yes, it’s possible – with the help of eSIM. Yes, the new Galaxy S20 series of smartphones – all 3 models – support eSIM. Thanks to one of our readers for pointing this out to us, we the limits of this setup of two SIM + microSD card.

Acer Nitro 5
Samsung Galaxy S20 two SIM + microSD card
Not more card-stacking, please. It’ll damage your phone.

So here’s how we set used double SIM with a microSD card. We ejected the card tray and put in a nano SIM card and a microSD card. Then, we slotted the cards back into the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Mobile Networks

After that, we headed to the Settings menu and head into “SIM card manager”. From here, we can add eSIMs. So, we registered an eSIM and added it to the Galaxy S20. Then, it immediately shows up in the SIM card manager menu as a usable SIM card.

We had the Galaxy S20 Ultra with us while we tested this, and we also confirmed that the eSIM is 5G-capable. However, while both SIM cards can be connected via 4G at the same time, only one SIM card can be connected via 5G.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Do keep in mind that not all telcos have eSIM support as of now. So far, for us Malaysians, only Maxis has officially announced eSIM support for the Galaxy S20 series of smartphones. We’re unsure if all eSIM works the same across all devices or if it varies according to devices.

In any case, we now know that we can indeed use two SIM + microSD card at the same time with the help of eSIM.

What about triple SIM cards?

Good question – no, it is not possible. There can only be two active SIMs at one time. So it can be both physical nano SIM cards, or one nano SIM card + one eSIM.

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