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As Samsung introduced the foldable smartphones of the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G over the course of the past few months, 3 outstanding women in Malaysia have gotten a chance to be in the spotlight and “unfolded” details of how foldable devices have brought quality-of-life changes towards their lifestyle.

Full-Time Mom – Chai Sook Foon, Petaling Jaya

Samsung Unfolded Chai Sook Foon

Ever since the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, her husband managed to get his hand on one of them as the couple’s recent anniversary, and thanks to the device’s high-quality camera and creative angles enabled through Flex Mode and Hands-Free Mode, not only she get to take photos at unusual aspect, but her son who is a toddler now enjoys the flipping mechanism of the smartphone which despite being done multiple times daily, the superior durability keeps the device in check while Sook Foon pays no worry to it. She also had quite a bit of convenience when she can just open an online cooking video guide at the top part of the screen while the written recipe is at the bottom and the IPX8 water resistance makes it safe against water splashes around the kitchen.

Hustle Bustle Business Women – Cass Low, Kuala Lumpur

Samsung Unfolded Cass Low

As a business owner, Cass Low spares nothing less than full force when it comes to productivity and how to maximize it through smart gadgets. Her choice of device is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G with S-Pen that powers every feature that she wants in between a smartphone and a computer. Aside from being the best companion for work due to both the outer screen providing quick access to the device while the unfolded inner screen provides more screen estate for writing tasks when its time to unwind for a movie the big screen ratio does its job well too where it has changed Cass’s mindset of “Movies should only be watched on televisions!”.

Fast-Paced Manager – Valery Chew, Petaling Jaya

Samsung Unfolded Valery Chew

As a techie person ever since her young age, the thing that left her the greatest impression is the boom of flip phones in the 2000s and that’s where her choice being the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is the most obvious one. Pouring in the factor of testing the actual device at a local store, she immediately fell in love with the unique form factor that carries the modern yet nostalgic feel for her. In her journey of being a manager on the highway lane of life, intuitive features like Hands-Free video and Quick Shot make her life much easier and more toleratable on top of the already great camera quality. Another contributing factor is that the device’s Cover Screen being customizable with the smartphone being offered in a variety of colors speaks personalization which she admits that in the modern digital era, the aspect is not the core highlight of a unique device so she definitely appreciates Samsung putting effort in this category.

What’s your story or expectation of owning a foldable device? If you do own one, is it as transformative as it is to these 3 women compared to yours? Let us know!

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