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Marketing jobs aren’t easy. From exhausting work hours to brainstorming sessions, the position requires exceptional performances in both physical and mental aspects. However, we don’t usually see the hard work and effort given out by them but thanks to Samsung Malaysia, we have a chance to really delve deep into the marketing process through the eyes of AgenZy.

Samsung Malaysia AgenZy

ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED

Consisted of local influencers Marianne Tan (@mariannetpy), Shawn Gan (@shawngkm), Brandon Ho (@itsbrandonho), Shu Faye (@shufayewong), Wei Keat (@chanweikeat), and Alex (@alex_hkf), these 6 talented people have come together and formed a team to come out with promotional campaigns for Samsung’s latest gadgets including the Galaxy Z series smartphones, Galaxy Buds TWS and Galaxy Watch wearables. Running the theme of excitement, passion, education with a hint of fun and occasional moving moments, the entire process from start to finish of bringing their creative ideas to life is recorded.

If you haven’t watched it, the 1st episode has already debuted last Friday on Samsung Malaysia’s Youtube and Facebook platforms with the rest of the episodes coming in the future at regular intervals. As a 10 minute video, it was pretty great for me personally.

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