Let’s start off by saying this – in times of modern society, we’re always connected via our smart devices. Be it our desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablets, or whatever. Times are tough, and we all need to adapt to this connected world. I mean, seriously – we tend to ignore those who are in front of us, but stare at our phones and chat with those who are not in front of us – maybe never even met before! Samsung’s brand new short film, “Masa“, means “time” in Malay, is a  video made in conjunction with this festive season.

Let’s have a watch first, before diving into our discussion.

Masa” talks about a certain story that we can all relate to. We spend too much time at work or something else, but we have no time for family. We live in a time that we’re all connected. We’re all together, but alone at the same time. Being connected via WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook isn’t the same as being together physically.

Samsung Malaysia kept the video’s message and its title simple and straightforward yet punches right in the feels – Masa. Time. It’s something that passes and doesn’t wait for anyone. How we utilize it is a problem. Are we using it to enjoy? Or are we using it to do something else? When you’re enjoying with your loved ones, make sure you dedicate your time to them. Also, being hired by a company doesn’t mean that you’ll have to be 24 hours on call. That’s outright unhealthy.

Samsung Masa

Get your rest when you need it. Don’t sacrifice your time with your friends and family.

As a personal note to you guys, do humanity a favor – be with your friends and family whenever you can. Have a chat. Just a chat will do great. Once it’s too late, you’ll never get another chance. It’ll be too late for regrets.

As a closing note, Samsung wishes you Salam Ramadhan and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Make this Raya a meaningful one with the presence of beloved family members and treasured friends.

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