ASUS OLED family

In our recent gaming showcase videos when using Samsung devices, we have a little widget on the screen showing the performance. It’s a feature that many people do not know about – so we’re here to share the information with you.

This little widget displays both CPU and GPU utilization, alongside the FPS and also thermals of the device. We’re unsure which temperature probe is used to report the temperatures, but it works.

To get prepared, download both Game Plugins and also the Perf Z from the Galaxy Store. To speed things up – because the feature is already very obscure, to begin with – we’ll give you direct links here:

To enable it, just follow the instructions shown in the video. Once you get it running – remember to customize it to however you want it to display your information. It’s highly customizable and personally, I think Samsung could’ve done better in telling users that there is such a tool that we can download and monitor the performance.

But then again – our job here is to show you how to download and enable this little widget, so you too can monitor your Samsung smartphone or tablet’s FPS in games.

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