Another day, another e-commerce platform? Not quite – this time is Samsung themselves handling their own online store, hosted on their own website. The Samsung Online Store can provide you a few benefits, too.

Firstly, free delivery. However, Samsung didn’t mention how fast it can be delivered to your doorstep. Whichever the case may be, free delivery is already a boon.

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333

Samsung Online Store

The second – which is the best benefit among all things considered – is the official Samsung warranty. There are many times where users have asked us here at Nasi Lemak Tech if their device will be officially warranted by Samsung because they bought it online from a certain seller. The easiest way for us to tell if it’s warranted by Samsung is by looking at the sticker on the box. But that doesn’t apply to online purchases.

Samsung Online Store

With the official Samsung Online Store, you’re guaranteed to have that warranty.

In celebration of the official launch, get a free Samsung 5,100mAh (fast charger) power bank worth RM249 when you make a smartphoneor table purchase through the Samsung Online Store from now until 31st July 2018. Hurry, the promotion is only valid for the first 100 customers.

There is one big caveat, though. All smartphones and tablets sold in the official Samsung Online Store sticks to the device’s retail price. It’s much more expensive than what you can find in the market (say, Lazada). Of course, buying official from Samsung means zero worries.

Though now, I’m not sure why Samsung opens their own online store since they already have an official store in Lazada. ?

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