ASUS VivoBook S14/S15

With display technologies getting better by the day and more smartphones are having great screens even in mid-range price points (like the Honor 8X), we’re quite used to seeing bigger-than-16:9 displays on smartphones these days. Samsung, one of the first to break off from that 16:9 tradition with the Galaxy S8, has something up their sleeves.

It seems to be a weird way to discover Samsung’s upcoming display tech as they’ve done a presentation in China for the 2018 Samsung OLED Forum. One of the slides were uploaded by the user Ice Universe on Twitter, which revealed a lot of information.

From here we can see there are a total of 4 different types of sensor techs:

  • FoD – Fingerprint on Display
  • UPS – Under Panel Sensor
  • HoD – Haptic on Display
  • SoD – Sound on Display

We’re not sure how some of these are going to turn out. Unbox Therapy picked up this news and from there, we also got a few new insights on the upcoming Galaxy smartphone.

From what we know, Samsung’s implementation of FoD will be different as they’re using ultrasonic waves to map the fingerprint with high precision and resolution. This will be much more secure than what we are seeing today in other smartphones.

As for the UPS (not courier service), we’re hoping to see all sensors are hidden under the display – even the camera. Perhaps this might be wishful thinking, but I honestly wonder how Samsung is going to hide the ambient light sensor and selfie camera underneath the display. Maybe they’re going to use a matched polling rate where the display turns off momentarily while the ambient light sensor detects the light intensity?

HoD doesn’t sound particularly interesting as it creates vibration when buttons are pressed. The question here is how well Samsung implements this technology.

The other exciting technology is the SoD, which seems to be similar to what the original Mi Mix was doing. The entire screen itself will be a giant “diaphragm” and vibrates to create sound. We’re curious how the audio quality will sound given that a screen wouldn’t flex as much.

We’re certainly hoping that the next Galaxy S smartphone will feature all of these great technologies. There are already countless rumors and speculations that Samsung will be going all out for their 10-year anniversary flagship smartphone.

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