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Did you know that you can share your tablet with multiple different people without sacrificing privacy? There’s a multi-user feature that you can use so that you can share that one tablet with a few different people. And it’s also very easy to start using.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE change users

Just head into the settings menu and find this option. Then, you can click on “users” and add a brand new user.

Then, you will be presented with two options. The first option lets the new user have full access to install apps on their own and download files.

The second option here limits the new user in terms of app access and the ability to download content. Treat this second option as “made for kids” since it’s something like a parental control feature.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE change users

For the purpose of this demonstration, we’ll be using the first option. Then, we’ll be presented with a message telling us what’s about to happen. I can also take a selfie and use that image as the user’s profile picture.

Once that account is created, we can switch to the newly created user account and go through the setup process by logging in to my Google account – just like how we set up a new Google-powered device.

The next time we want to switch between users, there are a few different ways to do so. Firstly, we can head into the settings menu and switch – like how we created the user account.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE change users

The second method is by using the quick settings panel. There is a new icon here that shows which user is currently active and by tapping on that icon, we can switch between users.

We can also create a guest user

I’m not sure if anyone actually will use a guest feature as I can’t think of a use case myself. It creates a “temporary” profile for someone to use, then all the data for that user will be wiped. Then, the next time this guest account is used again, it will be “fresh” and clean.

Why user management is important

I think tablets aren’t that personal like how phones are. For me, I don’t need the tablet to be around me all the time. For example, whenever I’m at the office, I’ll leave the tablet at home so my mother can use the tablet during that time.

So, I can create another user profile for her and she can log in to her Facebook and chat with her friends using that tablet. And since I’m a night owl, I’ll switch back to my user profile at night when I need it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE change users

That way, we can just share one single tablet instead of buying a few tablets. I’m not going to use the tablet 24/7 so might as well share it. And using this multi-user feature, I can ensure no one gets to my data and I can’t get to other users’ data.

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