ASUS VivoBook S14/S15


Sony dropped their NEX branding long ago in favour of combining them to their Alpha series of cameras. About a month ago, I got a review unit of the all-new Sony a5100 camera. I’ve been using a DSLR myself, and now I have a mirrorless camera to play with. How did it go?

The box has nothing fancy, so it’s not really exciting enough to do an unboxing. However, the things included in the package is the most interesting part.

DSC_4447 copy

What I can tell you about the included accessories is this : they are very thorough. Most of the cameras will have only your country’s power plug and that’s all you have to charge your camera. If you’re travelling then you’re out of luck – get a universal adapter and plug your charger to that.

Well – that definitely sucks. The Sony a5100 however has 3 of the most commonly used power plugs from around the world.

DSC_4450 copy

A+ in accessories right here.

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