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There are tonnes of smart fitness devices out there that claims to help you through your workout, and most of them does – but requires to be tethered to a smartphone. Sony wants to change that with its Smart B Trainer.


It’s a trainer unlike others – it has a slew of sensors built-in, heart rate monitor, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, and barometer. With these 6 sensors, 11 different types of data can be recorded – heart rate, time, cadence, route, burned calories, speed, steps, elevation, distance, pace, and stride.

The Smart B Trainer weighs only 43 grams, has 16GB of storage and 300mAh battery. “Wait – what’s the storage for?”, you might ask, and the answer is that the Smart B Trainer doesn’t need to be tethered to a smartphone at all times.


Sony calls it a PDCA cycle which consists of 4 steps – and the Sony Smart B Trainer only needs the smartphone for two of those steps.

  1. Plan your training and sync data between Trainer and smartphone
  2. Leave your smartphone behind and wear the Smart B Trainer and go train with music and voice guidance.
  3. Review the training results with smartphone
  4. Plan the next step for training

Technically, the Smart B Trainer only needs to tether to a smartphone before and after a training program. Another magical thing about the Smart B Trainer is how it will adapt your heart rate to the music’s BPM, or beats per minute, so that everyone can literally run with the beat.


Also, it’s no surprise that I never mentioned any specific Sony smartphone in this entire article – that’s because the Smart B Trainer app is available for both Android and iOS devices for free!

The Smart B Trainer retails at RM999 and is available in Sony stores this week!

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