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Classical for Maths

Have you ever heard of the Mozart Effect? It’s more like an unconfirmed conclusion that scientists have came to that says listening to Mozart can actually boost the brain’s performance. The myth got caught by the wind and became viral, having multiple spinoff versions such as early childhood exposure to classical music has a beneficial effect on mental development. All of these are of course, have a certain degree of truth – but not to the extent of having an entirely different level of IQ.

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50-80 BPM for Science, Humanities and Languages

Spotify here said two things which caught my interest :

· Students who listen to classical music while they study do better in Maths exams

· Spotify reveals that listening to the right genre of music whilst studying boosts concentration

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy specialist Dr. Emma Gray claims that the right music can enhance and stimulate learning of a certain topic you’re studying. Dr. Gray also claims that by listening to a certain tune with a specific range of beats per minute, either the left or the right side of the brain will be more stimulated. The left brain, which is responsible for factual information and problem solving, is stimulated by music with 50-80 beats per minute. Similarly, the right brain, which is responsible for creative thoughts is stimulated with music of different beats per minute.

Spotify of course compiled playlists for us to listen to whilst studying for our upcoming exams. Nicole M. Charara (more information about her here), Marriage and Family Therapist in the United States and a Clinical Psychologist in Singapore claims that classical music is a safe alternative, which is also backed by research, if you don’t like other genres of music.

Maths study playlist – Classical

Science, Humanities and Languages study playlist – 50-80BPM

English, Drama, Art study playlist – Rock and Pop

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