This is by far one of the most sudden breakthrough by Microsoft. I did write about the visions of tomorrow’s classes and Microsoft is probably the most publicly visionary one.

Monday. Microsoft held a sudden and surprising event. There they finally announced the tablet version of the Microsoft Surface. Essentially is a proprietary version of Windows 8 tablets. Have a look at it.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

The name Microsoft Surface rung a bell. Microsoft did release a visionary video about Microsoft Surface, telling about the potential and what they have been doing in the labs.

That video is easily 5 years old now (I can’t find the original uploaded date of the video) but nonetheless, this was what they visioned it to be 5 years ago.

Back to the future (now), Microsoft’s Surface now is a handheld device, no longer used as coffee shop or bar tables but instead now taking on directly head to head with the iPad.

The design itself is very similar to the iPad as there is also a Smart Cover feature with the magnetic snap-on keyboard cover. The keyboard claims to be protecting the device and also more efficient than typing with on-screen keyboards.

Surface by Microsoft 1 The keyboard itself has a combo trackpad and also comes with various colours to match with your Windows 8 Metro UI background (customizable) . A nice little feature was to actually include a kickstand, but I doubt such a fixed angle would be pleasing.

Keyboard However there is no official list of tech specs as this is will be released alongside with Windows 8.

Claimed to be a competition to the iPad, I think it is a direct one.

What do you think about the Surface? Also, what about Windows 8?

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