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Microsoft Surface RT is a promising device. Back then when Microsoft announced about the Surface devices, some are sceptical, but after a while people accept that is it regardless what other say, a good device for on the go people. Surface RT however is an exception, mainly due to the limitation of Windows RT itself and non-existent support for win32 programs.

Recently, Microsoft announced that they would soon stop support the Surface RT device. The newer Surface (not Pro edition) is no longer uses ARM architecture, thus giving them the ability to run full Windows on the device despite the underpowered Intel Atom CPU. The old Surface RT user will only get updates to Windows RT 8.1 Update 3 as their final updates for their device, no option for Windows RT 10. The Windows 8.1 however will include tweaks that will make the Windows RT 8.1 to have somewhat similar UI as the new Windows 10.

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Despite the lack of interest that Microsoft shown in Surface RT device, the hope is not dead yet. A guy from XDA has found a flaw on the Surface RT Secure Boot that will allow him to install other OS, like the Windows 10 Mobile. However, it is not complete yet, he still trying to figure if it will also work by installing other OS such as Android. If these are possible, the dead Surface RT might have been given a life to live. Windows 10 Mobile is certainly better than the dead Windows RT 8.1, and if it is possible to port Android onto the Surface RT, it might be one of the best Android tablet.

I do hope the project went well, and hope to see people with Android Surface around the block soon. If you wanted to get up-to-date about the porting process, you can head up to XDA forum.

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