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As stated recently about online banking phishers, a new survey showed up that showed how Malaysian users are forever unaware or just probably don’t care about security at all.

The new international survey, it shows that about 2/3 of smartphone users in Malaysia are at risk to have their personal information stolen. It is said that this mostly happens due to users blindly agreeing to the terms and conditions without even reading, which in the end affects the user’s security.

Unisys, a worldwide information technology company that provides many services, said that smartphones are the ones that keep all of our personal information – including business transactions and your identity – may be hijacked and have all of the information stolen, giving access to your bank accounts or sensitive corporate data.

Dr Amirudin Abd Wahad, the CEO of CyberSecurity, who shared the same idea also said that Malaysians are lacking in terms of education and awareness of internet security on their personal information. He also said that cybersecurity is a human factor.

As we’re all growing stronger to attach to smartphones until the extent of it storing all of our personal information is indeed scary to know that it can be stolen in a blink of an eye. Indeed, without proper education about cybersecurity, one needs to be awfully familiar with the internet and also how computer works to fully avoid evil that lurks among the web.

Source : AsiaOne News

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