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Gaming is not considered a teenagers’ time-wasting hobby since it has become a billion-dollar industry. It is one of the fastest growing markets thanks to an increased number of players, media attention, and a huge fanbase. The United States, South Korea, China, and Japan are pioneers of the gaming industry, but the Southeast Asia region is also a well-known gaming hub.

Several sectors have benefited from the gaming market growth, including gambling and eSports. Nowadays, players can spin the wheels at the best casino sites in Malaysia at a trusted source or participate in eSports tournaments. The gaming industry is booming in Malaysia as well, and we’ll analyze its growth in this article.

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Gaming is Now Accessible to Everybody

Once considered an addictive activity for young people, gaming has gone through skyrocketing growth thanks to technological improvements. Just a couple of decades ago, players could enjoy gaming only on consoles. However, the penetration of smartphones changed the shape of the gaming industry, besides other tech advancements.

Nowadays, a high percentage of the population has smartphones, which are more affordable than before. Moreover, younger generations, who are interested in the gaming industry the most, follow trends of smartphones and spend a lot of time online and playing video games. Consequently, Malaysians prefer playing video games on their mobile devices. Although PCs and consoles are still popular, 75% of Malaysian gamers prefer playing their favorite games on mobile.

Smartphones have become very powerful in terms of technical specifications. They can provide the same experience as consoles and PCs due to superb graphics and fast processors. Besides that, game developers also produce more and more games tailored for playing on small screens of mobile devices. Gamers can play more demanding games on their smartphones today without having to sit in front of their PCs.

“Traditional” gaming using consoles and PCs are not that convenient anymore in the fast-paced world we experience today. Players want to de-stress themselves on the go while traveling to work or having a drink. Mobile devices can offer that convenience, which is why mobile gaming is so popular today. Of course, it wouldn’t be so accessible without a stable and fast internet connection. Internet is available almost everywhere nowadays, and it also boosted the growth of the Malaysian gaming industry.

Malaysian eSports Market

Besides millions of people that play games every day, a group of gamers do this as their profession and make a living. eSports has become a serious business, and the number of professional gamers is continuously growing. Gaming is one of a few industries that have thrived in these challenging times. The global gaming market managed to generate more than $200 billion in 2021. Malaysia has also been successful in this industry, being the third largest in Southeast Asia, with an estimated value of $786 million.

Malaysia has become attractive to international companies, and worldwide-known gaming studios have opened their businesses in this country. Therefore, we can find Bandai Namco and Sony Interactive studios. Besides these, many game developers in Malaysia have an outstanding reputation, thanks to original and quality games.

However, the Malaysian gaming market wouldn’t be rated so highly without talented gamers. Besides their gaming skill, their contribution to the gaming community is vast, and we can say they shaped today’s look of the Malaysian gaming industry. Some of the most notable Malaysian gamers are:

  • Firdaus “MasterRamen” Hashim
  • Radzi “Ikuto00” Rahman
  • Andriyana “ChuChu Gaming” Ghazali
  • Adam “SparTankeR” Faiz
  • Vivy “Ai Gaming” Evynse Majegen

Firdaus “MasterRamen” Hashim is also known as the “father” of Malaysian eSports. Radzi “Ikuto00” Rahman contributed to the Malaysian gaming scene both as a player and a developer. Andriyana “ChuChu Gaming” Ghazali is a professional shoutcaster, while Adam “SparTankeR” Faiz is a respectable game creator.

Streaming also is an integral part of gaming, and Vivy “Ai Gaming” Evynse Majegen is the most famous Malaysian streamer. Besides them, there are a lot of talented gamers in Malaysia who should contribute to the Malaysian gaming industry’s growth.

The Support of the Malaysian Government

The Malaysian Government has quickly realized the gaming market potential and has invested a lot in this sector. It didn’t take much time before Malaysia became one of the gaming industry leaders in Southeast Asia. Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has been leading an annual Southeast Asia games industry event (LEVEL UP KL) since 2015. This is a great place where international and local players can share their knowledge, learn and interact, while big global gaming companies also participate in this event.

eSports has also become a regulated industry in Malaysia since Esports Malaysia was formed as a governing body. It oversees the country’s gaming industry development and addresses the concerns of eSports players. Therefore, Malaysia has properly set the foundations for eSports growth and supports this industry which brings many benefits to the local economy.

eSports Facilities and Tournaments

Malaysia has become recognizable on the global eSports scene thanks to government support, an increased number of professional gamers, and local and international companies that develop original games. This country wants to boost the gaming market growth further, and it invested a lot in eSports facilities as well.

Nowadays, Malaysia can be proud of one of the largest eSports centers in Southeast Asia. A brand-new venue in Kuala Lumpur – also known as eSports City – is the landmark of the Malaysian gaming industry. It is a 65,000-square-foot facility that features everything eSports players, gaming companies, and eSports fans need.

They can enjoy recording studios, a standalone casting area, streaming rooms, a production area for popular tournaments, and a 1,000-seat eSports arena. Thanks to these state-of-the-art facilities, the Malaysian gaming sector can generate more revenue. It will attract more sponsors, local and international investors and companies, more professional gamers, and, of course, more fans.

This venue can facilitate prestigious tournaments, and an increased viewership can generate more commercial opportunities for this industry.


Malaysia will continue to grow its gaming industry and could potentially enjoy more benefits. The revenue it generates is considerably high, and the government can use those funds to accelerate the industry and help other sectors in the country.

Gaming has attracted many investors and companies, and Malaysia is an important gaming center, not only in Southeast Asia but globally. Several factors contributed to the gaming sector’s growth, from technological advancements to government support. Consequently, the number of gaming consumers is very high, and it continuously increases.

Nowadays, everybody can become a part of the gaming industry, whether as a recreational player or a professional. You can enjoy gaming just for fun anytime and anywhere, while pro players can compete against the most talented rivals and enhance their skills further.

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