TikTok is now launching their latest advertising solutions in the form of TikTok for Business that helps Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) to expand their market by reaching to more people and generating interest in their product.

At a time when small businesses have been severely impacted around the world, TikTok is also introducing its Back-to-Business ad credit program, including $100 million in ad credits for small businesses worldwide to use on their journey to rebuild and restart.

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To be fair, more and more brands are realizing TikTok’s unique ability to reach and engage with a broader audience and started to embrace their impact compared to other social media. I mean, even My Burger Lab is hiring a content creator specifically for TikTok.

Self-serve Advertising Tool

TikTok for Business Ads Manager

The TikTok for Business Ads Manager empowers businesses to reach their ideal customers on TikTok through a simple interface. With new creative tools and performance features designed with small businesses in mind, it’s now easier than ever to start activating at scale on the platform.

Here are some of the highlights on what it can do:

  • Creative tools: There is a suite of creative tools that enable every marketer to embrace the creativity and authenticity of the TikTok community. Everyone can now express their story, and resources such as TikTok AdStudio help brands represent the most authentic version of their brand.
  • Flexible budgets: Any business can start off at any time due to the flexible pricing and adjusting their budget on the fly according to the market.
  • Performance targeting: Engage new audiences through the smart targeting algorithm and relay your announcement effectively.
  • Business accounts: TikTok is also introducing business accounts that will provide additional tools customized to businesses’ needs for performance analysis and engagement with audiences.

Rebuild your business with Back-to-Business program


SMBs are usually the ones at the biggest risk when things such as a pandemic destroying the economy at a very fast rate. Therefore, TikTok is providing 100 million of advertising credits to help them get back to their feet as soon as possible.

TikTok’s Back-to-Business is available globally, and small businesses can apply for the credit and get started by visiting this website. To start it off, everyone will get $300 during sign up and a matching 1 to 1 bonus credit that caps at a max of $2000.

For more information on getting started, visit https://www.tiktok.com/business

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