The year 2020 is quite crazy. Obviously, the virus loomed over the entire year and we are recommended to stay at home – so we saved a lot of time commuting and also there are no events to attend. In turn, what we did was to pour those extra time back into making content – and thanks to your support this year, the year 2020 doesn’t suck anymore.

So, since we reviewed so many devices this year – from smartphones to TWS earbuds and all the way to smartphones accessories like chargers and whatnot, we go through all of the categories and pick our favorites for the year 2020.

ASUS ChromeBook Education Series

Top picks of 2020

Now, we do not have any “the best” because we do believe that smartphones are more purpose-made. For example – for gaming, then it’s recommended to get a dedicated gaming smartphone instead because it has some special features like shoulder buttons – or triggers.

All in all, our list of top picks for each category are as mentioned in the video. None of the brands are sponsoring us to be in a part in the top pick.

And that is all for the year 2020 when it comes to smartphones and accessories. Do let us know what you think about the list and do you have your own list of favorites? Leave them down in the comment section.

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