We’re seeing more and more companies reinventing themselves to have a new identity. It can really appeal to the younger, smarter, and techier generations actually. I personally find this quite necessary for the current era of how tech works too. It gives an impression that it’s  not stuck in the stone age like some colour-themed companies are. TP-Link now redefines itself to be something beyond just wireless technology, and thus they decided to give themselves a brand new look as well.

TP-Link now makes products ranging from smart home, smartphones (which we did review their Neffos C5 here), and smart accessories. If those products didn’t raise any clue on what the new focus is, then the new company’s tagline shout ring a bell. It’s “Reliably Smart”. That’s because we’re in the era of information and smartness – there’s no running away from it.

Also with the brand new identity, they now bring more bright colours onto their products and its packaging too.

TP-Link packaging

You can check out the brand new design philosophy behind TP-Link’s evolution here at http://www.tp-link.com/en/newtplink.