In a world of USB-C nowadays, I think that we all need some proper USB hubs to make sure our peripherals are connected. We’ve seen way too many Type-C converters in the market that are bundled with many other unnecessary ports which increases the overall price. This Transcend HUB2C (nice name, by the way) converts a single USB-C port to 4x USB Type-A ports. It’s small and definitely handy for all situations.

This Transcend HUB2C works with all desktops, laptops, and even Android smartphones and the new iPad Pro 2018 that uses USB-C port.


The single Type-C port splits out into four USB 3.0 ports with a total maximum of 5Gb/s speeds. However, I see this as a handy use little hub for keyboard/mouse and occasional USB drives and hard disks or smartphone data transfers.

Transcend HUB2C USB Type-C

Most importantly, the Transcend HUB2C comes with a two-year limited warranty, which means you don’t have to worry about the USB-C header breaking.

Though one thing I do wish Transcend makes in the near future is a pure USB-C to more USB-C ports. The world really needs to advance to USB-C although it might take some time. Some smartphones are already coming with USB-C to USB-C cables.

Most desktops/laptops/USB hubs don’t have a direct way to interface with those smartphones unless we buy another Type-C to Type-A cable. Also, Type-C is able to provide more power – hence could be externally-powered hub via the USB-C port on your laptop/desktop?

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