Transcend has just expanded their family of JetRam memory modules with DDR4 DIMM and SO-DIMM RAMs. These are for desktops and laptops respectively – so you can upgrade your desktop and laptop using Transcend’s RAMs.

The series includes capacity 4GB/8GB, which are targeting to budget-oriented PC and DIY market. Transcend’s JetRam memory modules are manufactured with true ETT grade, brand-name DRAM chips that passed Transcend’s strict screening process and rigorous environmental testing.

Transcend’s JetRam DDR4 memory modules are constructed with top-quality DRAM chips that deliver stable performance and durability. With advanced DDR4 technologies, Transcend’s DDR4 memory modules utilize higher density components, allowing capacity options ranging from 4GB to 8GB. Offering high speed transmission of 2400MHz and up to 19GB/s of memory bandwidth, Transcend’s DDR4 DIMMs comprehensively promote the system performance.

Transcend JetRam DDR4 JM2400HLB-8G module

Transcend’s JetRam DDR4 memory modules have an ultra-low operating voltage of 1.2V, reducing the electrical load of the memory bus and able to prolong battery life on laptops. It even protects the environment by consuming less energy. Furthermore, since each module generates less heat, systems can operate with reduced temperatures and increase the overall reliability of the module.

Transcend JetRam DDR4 JM2400HSB-8G module

Transcend’s JetRam DDR4 memory modules have two majority DIMM Type – U-DIMM and SO-DIMM. No matter you are looking for a laptop upgrade or PC DIY, Transcend has you covered.

JetRam DDR4 models carry Transcend’s renowned Limited Lifetime Warranty.