More than a year and a half ago, there was a big low-price-high-data-quota telco war. It started off with Celcom’s announcement of the FIRST 38 which was only available for a limited time, and then every other telco followed through. While that war is long forgotten, U Mobile is still ringing true with that particular mantra, and hence the announcement of the new HERO P38 and HERO P48 postpaid plan.


These two new HERO P38 and HERO P48 plans are obviously made for those who need internet wherever and whenever they need. Following the U Mobile trend, they tend to offer free service usages for  their customers through the “something-Onz” categorization. This time around, both the HERO P38 and HERO P48 will get Call-Onz, App-Onz, Music-Onz, and Waze for free. For the HERO P48 in particular, even Video-Onz is included.

Semua-Onz is a name that I give to generalize their something-Onz naming scheme – and you’re welcome, just credit us 😛


Anyway, the HERO P38 is available starting today, whereas the HERO P48 will be available starting on 17th April 2017. Obviously there are terms and conditions with the Semua-Onz offer, so head on over to and check it out.

I’m curious to know what other telcos will come up with tot compete with this enticing offer 😉