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The Samsung Galaxy A72 was just announced alongside the Galaxy A52 and also the Galaxy A32 – at least here in Malaysia. The main highlight of that Galaxy Awesome Unpacked event revolves around the new Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72.

We are fortunate enough to get our hands on the new Galaxy A72, which is why we prepared some special content for you guys.

ASUS ExpertBook B5 Flip

Firstly, the unboxing for the Galaxy A72. I’m very sure many people are asking what’s in the box – and we’re here to answer your question.

Surprisingly, the box isย very tiny this time around, even though the necessities are inside.

Then, we also tried out the performance of the Galaxy A72. I don’t have the exact specs of this phone. Samsung – for some reason – always negates the specific chipset name and only lists the chipset’s CPU and its core counts. From what we can find out, the Galaxy A72 is most likely using the Snapdragon 720G chipset.

With that said, we did our usual gaming test and found out that the Galaxy A72 is rather unoptimized for gaming as of now.

Samsung Galaxy A72

Now, it’s mostly because we’ve turned on the GPU Watch to monitor the phone’s frame rates and CPU/GPU utilization. Such a tool will also be taxing on both the CPU and GPU, hence affecting its gaming performance. We left it turned on just to show you the frame rates.

From what we can guess now – the Snapdragon 720G is actually much more powerful than is shown here. Perhaps in the next few weeks, Samsung will push out a firmware update to further optimize its performance.

That is it for the Galaxy A72 for now. We’ll return with a full review of this phone at a later date as the new Galaxy A series of smartphones got a huge upgrade over its predecessors – like IP67, stereo speakers, and many more.

If you want to learn more about the newly-announced Galaxy A series of smartphones, click here.

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