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GAMDIAS is a fairly new player in the market for PC components. They’ve always been into peripherals but they’re expanding to other markets like gaming chairs and now, PC components. Introducing the GAMDIAS CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P, a 1200W fully modular power supply with RGB all over it.

At first glance, the GAMDIAS CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P looks oddly familiar – and that’s because most of you have seen this design before – if you’re into RGB power supplies for the last year or so, of course.

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Even though it’s GAMDIAS’s first entry to the PC hardware market, they’re confident enough with the CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P and is backing it up with a 10-year warranty. Wow.



The box for this enormous power supply is actually quite appealing. If you’re familiar with GAMDIAS’s product packaging design language, then it’s pretty much the same here. You have a black/white/orange theme going on, just like any other GAMDIAS products we’ve seen.

We do know that the GAMDIAS CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P has an 80 PLUS Platinum certification, but it lacks an efficiency curve printed on the box.

Nice thick foam.

Opening up the box reveals that the power supply unit itself is sandwiched in two large pieces of foam, and the bag of cables are wrapped in a pouch. It’s nice to have everything packed neatly.

A dedicated bag to house all cables.



The entire power supply looks… familiar, as we’ve said before. They’re also using a top flow design style, where air is taken in from the top and the sides.

Side air intakes

Looking at the back of the power supply, we can see that there are a few extra things here. Firstly, GAMDIAS has included a power switch – which is nice to have. Secondly, there’s a button to cycle through the RGB modes. Thirdly, there’s a button to toggle between silent mode and “normal” mode.


Also, instead of having a conventional grill design like other power supplies, GAMDIAS opted for a fancy design to differentiate themselves from the competitors in the market. They do have their own look, by the way.


As for the top, that’s where the specs are found.


Model Name CYCLOPS X1-1200P
Total Power 1200 W
Peak Power 1440 W
Efficiency 80 PLUS® Standard Certified
Modular Fully
Cable Type Flat
Capacitor 100% Japanese Capacitors
Fan Size 135 mm
Fan Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)
Lighting Effect 26
Silent Mode Support
DC to DC design Yes
PFC Active PFC
Type ATX12V v2.4, EPS 2.92
Color Black
Dimensions 150 x 86 x 190 mm
AC Input Voltage 100 ~ 240 V
Current 15 ~ 8 A
Frequency 47 ~ 63 Hz
DC Output Max Output +3.3 V 22 A 120 W
+5 V 22 A 120 W
+12 V 100 A 1200 W
+5 Vsb 3 A 15 W
-12 V 0.4 A 4.8 W
Regulation +3.3 V ± 2 %
+5 V ± 2 %
+12 V ± 2 %
+5 Vsb ± 5 %
-12 V ± 10 %
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40°C
Connector Main Power (20+4 Pin) x 1
CPU (4+4 Pin) x 2
PCI-E (6+2 Pin) x 10
SATA (5 Pin) x 9
Peripheral (4 Pin) x 6
Floppy (4 Pin) x 2
Protection Over Voltage Protection
Under Voltage Protection
Over Power Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Surge Protection
Inrush Current Protection
Warranty 10 Years

Cable Management

Everything is nicely packed in the included pouch.

Now, to be honest, when I first saw the flat black cables, it reminded me of how I dealt with the MasterWatt 750’s cables. In contrast with other types of cables, these flat ribbon style of cables has its own advantages – namely the the breadth of each cable. Sure, folding these cables to create extreme angles are difficult, but if the cables are lined up properly, they can look rather sleek.


Of course, being such a high-powered power supply, there are a multitude of ports for you to connect to. For most people, the amount of connectors available on the GAMDIAS CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P will be enough. I mean, it can connect up to 10 6+2 PCIe connectors, 9 SATA power connectors, and 6 more Molex connectors – and managing them will be difficult.


Each of the cables included are 100cm, even the EPS cable and 24-pin cables are 100cm. It is of adequate length for most cases. For larger cases, it might be insufficient but then you can always get extensions or custom cables. Remember, the GAMDIAS CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P is a fully modular power supply.

User Experience

Since we don’t have any load tester or enough power-hungry hardware to fully test the capability of the GAMDIAS CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P, we can only describe our user experience and the time spent with it.

Installing the GAMDIAS CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P is definitely going to be a challenge for some cases. It’s longer than standard ATX power supplies, so keep that in mind when you’re searching for a case.

The cable headers are nicely labeled.

Managing the ribbon-style flat cables has its good and bad side, but that really depends on your personal preference and many more factors. For me personally, I’m fine with it. Been using power supplies with flat cables for quite a long time already.


After powering up the system, the light show starts instantly. I mean, that’s what RGB is all about – and there’s a button behind the power supply that cycles through the 26 lighting effects that it has. GAMDIAS calls it the “Neon-Flex RGB”, but most of it are cycling through the slew of solid colors.

There’s also another switch to toggle between silent mode. To ensure the most comfortable experience that you can get, I recommend turning it on as it will sound like a typhoon otherwise.

Also, keep in mind that the power supply can output 100A on its 12V rails. If you’re planning to run two graphic cards in your system, the GAMDIAS CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P can handle that without any issue.

Wrapping up the GAMDIAS CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P overview

As mentioned – we do not have the tools to give it a full test. However, the power supply is a good one for GAMDIAS as a first step into the PC component market. I’m also looking forward to a smartly silent mode by adjusting the fan RPM according to load and temperature. Turn it off if it’s below a certain temperature threshold.


For those who care about the lighting, I do wish that the RGB lighting to be adjustable through the motherboard or an RGB controller. As of now, the GAMDIAS CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P does not synchronize with other RGB components that you have. Pressing the button behind the power supply to cycle through all the 26 lighting effects isn’t convenient either.

The GAMDIAS CYCLOPS X1-1200W-P now retails at the price of RM1,250. It also comes with 80 PLUS Platinum certification and a 10-year warranty.

Buy it at Lazada now.

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