Deleting files is easy, but the process of recovering the lost file can be very tedious. Sometimes it may happen due to our carelessness, then again, accidents do happen and there is no way for us to foresee what’s going to take place in the coming seconds. That’s why file recovery applications exist.

Remo Recover

Today we will be looking at the Remo Recover partition recovery utility which can be used to recover data that have been either accidentally deleted or lost due to formatted partition. Yes, indeed you can even restore data from SSD.

User Experience

Remo Recovery - 01

When we plugged in our empty test HDD and fire up the Remo Recover application. Immediately it detects the lost partition which previously was on the disk. That’s something rather promising, at least it reads data off the partition table.

Remo Recovery - 02

From there, we can now choose to select which type of files we’re looking to recover, which basically just to isolate the files according to its file extension.

Remo Recovery - 03

What’s next is a long waiting period where it took us almost 3 hours to complete the whole 320GB scan.

Remo Recovery - 04

Afterwards, the scan result is displayed for evaluation before continue with saving the files to your new HDD.


Overall, the Remo Recover application has a very simple user interface and the functions are fairly straightforward. While technically, music, video, doc files and etc are considered as files. Why they decided to make the landing page with separated buttons for recovering music and others is to foolproof itself from users that are less tech-savvy.

Lastly, we have to disclaim that there is no application that could give 100% guarantee on file recovery due to the nature of hard disk operation where files might get overwritten and lost forever. Nonetheless, tread lightly on any mission-critical actions and always keep a backup on your important files.

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