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Long gone are the times when vacuum cleaners are restricted by the power cord as the modern counterpart can be juiced up by a portable battery pack while being significantly smaller. Heck, you can even get a robot vacuum cleaner to do the job for you. But they can’t do all of it so we humans need to do our part and to be fair, there are many situations where you need to do the cleaning right away instead of taking up some sweet time.

Acer Nitro 5

As time goes on, more and more competitors are moving into the cordless vacuum cleaner space and existing manufacturers are getting headaches everywhere in terms of innovation and pricing.

But one stands out through the test of time and that’s VAX.

Old guy doesn’t mean stifled innovation

VAX About Us

Founded in 1977, VAX hails from the lands of the United Kingdom and they are one of the best performing brands in the country that specializes in things like mops, steam cleaners, air purifiers, and the thing that we’re gonna talk about today, vacuum cleaners.

As such, we are going to take a look at their ONEPWR cordless vacuum cleaning line of products and see what makes them unique and gets the big checkbox tick for lots of customers.

One battery for all


Don’t you hate it when you have multiple types of charging docks hanging around the walls of your living room and indirectly ruining the clean interior look? Well, one doesn’t have to deal with that thanks to the smart design choice behind the ONEPWR family of products as VAX is applying the modularity design philosophy to the heart of its offerings which is the battery pack.

Despite looking like an ordinary brick of electric juice, it is created to offer you a cleaning experience with longevity and on-demand. For starters, the battery pack can be charged separately from the vacuum so you can always have a backup unit and have essentially twice as much cleaning up time. What’s more, every single device within the ONEPWR series uses the same slide-and-lock mechanism to hold the pack in place so if you happen to be one loyal VAX ONEPWR user owning different types of cleaning devices, one or perhaps two battery packs are all you need realistically.

Multiple experts for handling different floorings

VAX Blade 3

If the ONEPWR battery system is made to cater to different products of the family, it basically means that there will be a suitable one for everybody so let’s dive into what the dedicated machines of the ONEPWR family of products could offer.

First, we have the Blade 3 cordless vacuum cleaner designed for a comfortable one-handed cleaning experience. Rocking a Twin Helix Brushbar that spins at 4200RPM for superior stain and spill cleaning, it is capable of sucking in even the smallest particles thanks to the 3-stage filtration tech Dustvault removing dirt, dust, and more in a layering fashion.

VAX ONEPWR BLADE 3 - Removable Bin

The job of cleaning the cleaner is as easy as well because all you need to do is to pop out the removable bin to get rid of all of the dirty stuff and pop it back in. Surprisingly, the Blade 3 performs with similar performance across the cleaning period, be it with an empty bin or a near-full container.

Powered by the signature power pack capable of lasting up to 40 minutes, swap it out at any time when one completely drys out.

VAX Blade 4

On the other hand, the Blade 4 does everything the Blade 3 a bit better in the aspects of a larger dustbag, longer battery life, and a more sophisticated brushing mechanism. But it is still carrying the Blade spirit and is not that different from the Blade 3 as both of them weights the same, uses the exact Direct Helix Technology, and almost every other thing under the hood.


Essentially, if you have a bigger house, the Blade 4 is the better one for you. Otherwise, the Blade 3 will do just fine.

VAX Glide

Not all people like carpets and rugs so they rather have hard floorings built with just wood or marble. For cases like that, the VAX Glide will be the solution because it runs a powerful system of wash, vacuuming, and drying in one go via the Twin Tank Technology hosting both freshwater output and dirty water input.


And when I say it is powerful, it literally is, because there’s a dedicated button to turn on High-Performance Mode during times you need some extra oomph to get rid of some of the toughest particles.

VAX Spotless Go

Prefer two-handed action? Then look no further than the VAX Spotless Go sporting an easy-to-handle base plus a hose to reach low places more easily. Ready to be grabbed and started up, this model is made to tackle small areas and tough spills and stains thanks to the active jet spray applying water and the ONEPWR MultiFloor solution at the same time.

VAX ONEPWR SpotlessGo - Removable Battery

And let’s not forget. Power died mid-way? Slide out the dried one, push in a fresh one, and be on your way.

Live experience over at Mid Valley

VAX Your Prize Roadshow

Interested in getting one of the VAX ONEPWR series cordless cleaners but want to try it out before dropping the payment? VAX Malaysia heard you as they will be hosting a roadshow over at Mid Valley, situated at the Lower Ground Concourse Centre, Kuala Lumpur from July 18 to 24  where demo units are available for testing while lots of promotions and ‘VAX Your Prize’ sessions containing amazing prizes up to RM 38,888 are up for grabs so be sure not to miss this event!

Here’s what you’ll receive when you make a purchase over at the event.

  • Purchase valuing at RM1,500 and above
    • FREE ITSU The Hando Multi-Functional Handled Massager worth RM 398
    • One entry to ‘VAX Your Prize’ campaign
  • Purchase valuing at RM1,499 and below
    • FREE RealMe N1 Sonic Electric Tooth Brush worth RM99
    • One entry to ‘VAX Your Prize’ campaign

Click here to get directions to Mid Valley if you’re not familiar with the mall.

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