Visual Arts Expo(VAX) has conducted an expo last year which is their first year of running the event. This year, they are back again for their second year. Visual Arts Expo aims to be the one-stop expo or event where creative minds for both local and international scene gather. Each other, presenting ideas and portfolio to find opportunities within each other in the visual arts industry and break into a larger target outside of Malaysia.

VAX2016 strives to be the platform to further connect parties to build up new relationships or create new ones between the Malaysian creative industry players, with their peers
and potential colleagues from overseas. Successes from big local names such as Silver Ant Studios and lemon Sky studios proves that Malaysian talent are world class and as instrumental to big AAA studios as any other creatives anywhere in the world. Even the success of local productions such as Boboboi and Upin & Ipin shows that we have the right mix of content, vision and skill to put ourselves on the world stage.

Fazri Nuha, Project Director for VAX2016

For this year, Visual Arts Expo 2016 is again, bringing in names from the animation and content industry as part of the guest and exhibitor list for the upcoming event.

Visual Arts Expo main target audiences are school leavers, fresh graduates, young adults, and entrepreneurs. Contents of the event are but not limited to animation, comics, video games and music. VAX2016 will be a three-day event from 3 June to 5 June with the first day being an invite-only closed-door business-matching cum networking session between exhibitors, guests and lcoal creatives.  Seminars will be conducted by invited guests on the second and third days of VAX2016.

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Main Guests

Itaru Hinoue (樋上 いたる)

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One of the founders of visual novel brand Key. Key is one of Japanese biggest visual novel publisher which is also well known internationally. Some of her major well known work titles are Kanon, Little Busters!, Clannad and many more. She also works on original character designs for anime productions.

Mika Kobayashi(小林未郁)

2016-06-01 04_24_52-https___mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com_attachment_u_1__ui=2&ik=d3073b8ba1

Piano based singer-songwriter who has raised herself to be a prolific singer for various anime titles. Many would know her voice from insert songs “bios” from Guilty Crown or “Before My Body Is Dry” from Kill La Kill. She has also performed songs for the famous recent animes, Attack On Titan and Gundam Unicorn.

She writes, composes, and perform her original material; ; a sort of melancholic, thought-provoking pop, that isn’t pop, that has listeners gazing into their own thoughts and life experiences. She has worked with art photographers, dancers, and most often, sword fight / dance choreographer Tetsuro Shimaguchi to further engage her audience in the musical experience.

Yoshinori Asao (浅尾 芳宣)

2016-06-01 04_24_35-https___mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com_attachment_u_1__ui=2&ik=d3073b8ba1

President of Studio Fukushima GAINAX and has served as screenwriter and producer at Studio Gainax in Tokyo, Japan. He is considered to be the veteran of the animation industry. His notable works are Stella Women’s Academy and Magica Wars.

Apryl Peredo

2016-06-01 04_25_15-Cil7HnwXAAAr6oa.jpg (480×480)

Founder of Fuschia Connect. Fuschia Connect is a talent agency that supports music talents across multiple genres including J-Rock, Jazz, Metal, Hip-hop, including Anime and game theme music. Her role in the industry is mainly to bridge the gap between the music talents and pop culture events globally.

Event Details

3, 4 & 5 June 2016
Starxpo Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Location details can be obtained here. (
Animation, comics, games, music and technology.

Standard Tickets: RM 20 for one-day access(available during the venue at the ticketing booth)
Early Bird Promotion: RM 30 for two-days access(Closed)
Gold Pass Tickets: RM 120(Online purchase)(

Gold Pass Ticket includes:

  1. Two-day Access to Visual Arts Expo on the 4th and 5th June 2016.
  2. Event day 30-mins Early Access.
  3. Priority Access to VAX2016 Closing Ceremony. Enclosed front stage standing area.
  4. Mystery Gift.
  5. ONE (1) FastPass to skip the queue during the Autograph Sessions.
  6. ONE (1) EXCLUSIVE Meet & Greet Autograph session with Mika Kobayashi.
  7. FREE use of the Luggage Storage service on the 4th and 5th June 2016.

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