The grand launch of the local short film ‘The Incident’ has premiered.

Gathering the power of local talents from actors and crews to singers and composers, a heartfelt story of a single mother taking care of the needs of her son during the pandemic session is presented to every Malaysian and to the entire world.

As expected, the entire short film is completely shot with the vivo X60 Pro smartphone, the latest flagship device from the company with camera lens and software all co-engineered with ZEISS. The cast of this short video is also some of the best from our local scene – Golden Horse Award for Best New Director Chong Keat Aun, Miss Universe 2015 Finalist Pauline Tan, veteran actress Adibah Noor and Yuen Teng, and more.

While it is certainly one of the very first movie creation spots purely using smartphone devices, it does come with some of the most surprising facts that you may get impressed thanks to the sheer quality of the hardware capturing the footage while all actors and crews giving their all into this wonderful story. Here, we listed 6 of them for you.

  1. All footages of the film are completed just within 2 days, inclusive of a sanitization round every 30 minutes while enduring the hot sun outdoors
  2. The main theme “Light of Hope” was composed by Yise Loo in just 24 hours
  3. Singer of “Light of Hope” Firdaus learned Cantonese just to sing a phrase of the song, albeit already mastered Mandarin
  4. Pauline Tan, the Miss Universe 2015 finalist participated in the film without makeups for the most local and authentic presentation
  5. Again, Pauline Tan surprisingly owns a motorcycle license and knows how to handle a manual gear motorbike
  6. The vivo x60 Pro was placed in a makeshift drain hole to capture some of the most unique angles that can be done with ease only with the smartphone

Since the quality of the shots is very decent and the goal of short films has already been completed, will we see a full-on 1-hour long movie-like stuff in the future? I do hope that smartphones’ lens can reach that level of detail though.

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