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I think it’s safe to say that for us memers out there, We Are Number One is clearly something that we all know about. With its increasing popularity these few weeks, We Are Number One is by far one of the most popular memes on the internet now.

We Are Number One
I’m sure many of us are confused here…

So let’s go through the entire meme and how it actually helped Stefan Karl, who is the the actor and singer of this entire song, and who is also fighting cancer now.

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A brief history

For those who don’t know what We Are Number One is all about, take a look at this brief introduction by Behind The Meme.

In short, We Are Number One is a song-based meme. Google Trends is telling us something with the term We Are Number One right now. It’s spiking at an all time high too.

We Are Number One

It’s catchy as heck, and that’s not the first ever meme song they have created too. Lazy Town, the children’s show that casts Robbie Rotten and aired We Are Number One, had a really popular meme about 11 years ago. Yes, eleven freaking years. There’s even a remix of this meme for Limewire.

The song is simple and relatable for those who… well, pirate stuff online. It has been shared and heard by millions, and hence the millions of views on the original video. It spawned numerous memes regarding piracy at that time.

We Are Number One

You Are A Pirate is a long-lasting meme by itself, and Google Trends seems to confirm that. You can learn about this meme’s history over at Know Your Meme.

We Are Number One but…

We Are Number One but [insert variation description here]” is a the most common format that memers have taken up. There are a lot of variations for this meme, and a quick search on YouTube also confirms this.

We Are Number One

As you can see from the screenshot above, even Lazy Town themselves are aware of this meme, and they’ve embraced the popularity and insanity that the song has gained. Just last week, the Stefán Karl Stefánsson, the actor of Robbie Rotten, had a live stream of him talking about the meme, announcing that the original stems are to be released to the public, and performed a live version of We Are Number One with the original cast.

That’s pretty dope!

Now keep in mind that no one actually asked Stefan to go on live stream, but it is his way of saying thanks to the community, and all the help that he got.

And I know memes are weird. Some of these random remixes can get up to a million views and beyond. For example, We Are Number One but when someone takes a step, they turn into a trumpet Mr.Skeltal has over 1 million views!

How? I have no idea, honestly. Maybe it’s the combination of multiple memes or having some nostalgia value associated with it. There’s one thing I’m very sure – the greatness of memes.

But why the heart-touching community?

Stefan Karl is actually battling cancer. Pancreatic cancer. Stefan Karl did a Reddit AMA a while back and he answered many questions that people has.

Ever since then, there has been a lot more memes popping out in YouTube from this resurgence of searches of We Are Number One. As noted in the screenshot of the search result above, most of them on MrMrMANGOHEADMrMrMANGOHEAD is supporting Stefan’s GoFundMe beyond what any other people has done. He has been making so many random variants of the We Are Number One meme, it’s insane!

Each of them has the link of Stefan’s GoFundMe page, and MrMrMANGOHEAD is asking hundreds of thousands of people to help Stefan fight cancer.

Now, what does that translate to?

Well, after so many videos and memes uploaded, it translates to a successful Go Fund Me campaign. They’ve raised over USD $100k for Stefan, as he can’t work for the next year.

We are Number One
That’s an insane amount!

Pioneers of We Are Number One meme

MrMrMANGOHEAD is not the creator of this meme, obviously. NBGMusic was the first one who made the MLG version of this song and uploaded it to SoundCloud. It was then downloaded by SilvaGunner and reuploaded to YouTube in its entirety. Flater on the other hand incorporated a tonne of outdated memes and MLG compilation montage parodies in it.

In whichever case it might be, the creators of We Are Number One created their own SoundCloud account to upload each of the audio stems of We Are Number One. Even the original idea of how We Are Number One was born is in here…

Everyone just wants Stefan to fully recover, and that might beg the question asked by many people – why even donate to Stefan? Yes, that’s a valid question. What has he done before that makes him worthy to receive such a huge donations?

Why donate to Stefan?

Many of you might dismiss it as “because of nostalgia”. Maybe that’s true – but not for me. Although I’ve seen Lazy Town on TV, I never watched any of those episodes until the memes pop out.

Anyway, if nostalgia is not your thing, then keep this in mind – Stefan Karl founded a non-profit organization called Rainbow Children to counter all the misery that school bullying has wrought upon many children. He’s genuinely trying to help educate and improve children’s lifestyle through Lazy Town, and the non-profit organization he founded is to prevent any sort of permanent mind-scarring damage.

School bullying is real. It’s a true issue that all of us need to be aware of. Stefan has helped many people, but now he needs help by all of us.

What has everyone done so far…

As we all know, the creators of Lazy Town, the composer of We Are Number One, and Stefan Karl himself are aware of this meme. No one really knew how it all came together. Original music that skyrocketed We Are Number One into the meme universe was initially uploaded on 11th September 2016. Stefan himself posted his AMA on Reddit on the 13th of October 2016.

From that time until today, the composer of the song and creators from Lazy Town agreed to release the music’s original stems of We Are Number One. Since then, it has been uploaded in a few places.

Now, we all know why they’ve agreed to upload its stem audio – to propagate the meme status into the fictitious legendary tier of memes. Just take a look at all the memes that have spawned within the day after its original audio stems have been uploaded.

We are Number One
12,600 videos uploaded!

Everyone wants to help Stefan fight cancer.
He’s a good man – so if you can, do give him a helping hand.
Click here to head over to his Go Fund Me page, and help him out!


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