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How often does it happen that you have a good speed WiFi router in the house, but you still have difficulty streaming a video in the bedroom or cannot access the internet in the backyard? It ensures better WiFi coverage without compromising on the speed. The node devices along with the main modem are part of a single network with the same SSID and password so that it becomes a whole system and works more efficiently to provide good connectivity. This is the reason that getting a mesh WiFi system is becoming more popular.

How is a WiFi mesh network different from a WiFi range extender?

Many people believe that a WiFi range extender can solve the problem of WiFi connectivity in larger spaces. While it is true, the problem lies in the performance. A range extender does increase the WiFi range by making sure the signal reaches all corners of the place, but the strength of the signal is compromised upon as you move further away from the main router or modem. It is basically cut in half every time the signal passes through a range extender.

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A mesh WiFi network, on the other hand, will give efficient connectivity without compromising on the performance. It consists of devices placed at different locations around the house or office. These node devices transmit a strong WiFi signal. Also, the way the WiFi signal is transmitted from node to node is dynamic, to give you optimum performance. So if one node has a lot of traffic, that node can be bypassed and an alternate path can be taken to provide WiFi signal in other areas.

Benefits of a WiFi Mesh Network

A mesh WiFi network is your best bet if you are looking for a solid WiFi coverage for the entire place. Some benefits of installing a mesh Wi-Fi in the house are given below.

  1. Modular network options to give you the best performance

A WiFi mesh network works best for you whether you have wireless nodes placed around the house or have Ethernet cables. In a mesh network, a node connects directly to the main modem. The other nodes take the signal from this first node and transmit it further. Each additional node finds the optimum path to channel the WiFi signal to give you the best connectivity.

  1. Seamless connectivity from one area to the other

In case of different devices acting as routers or range extenders being used, the connectivity options have to be revisited every time you move from one area to the other. However, with a mesh network, since the SSID and password remain the same, connectivity is seamless.

  1. WiFi performance is consistent

As the signal is transmitted from one node to the other, the signal strength is not compromised upon. There is no loss in the signal strength thus giving you a consistent speed throughout.

  1. Guest access and parental control

A mesh WiFi network makes guest access very easy without compromising your security. By using the app meant for controlling the mesh, you can provide someone with guest access to the network while controlling their access into the network. You can also exercise parental control.

  1. Installation and monitoring is easy

Installing a WiFi mesh network is extremely simple. The app that would control the network is intuitive and easy to use. You just need to connect the main node to the modem and place other nodes around the house connected to a power source. After that, the app will guide you through simple steps to activate each node. You can also check the number of devices connected to the network using the app.

In Conclusion

A WiFi mesh network can be the answer to your connectivity problems. The systems available on the market are easy to install and use and deliver what they promise. Also, the node devices are designed in such a way that they do not stick out like sore thumbs and blend in with your décor.

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