Facebook has done it again – make games famous in a mere fortnight. It first happened notably to Farmville, then Draw Something and now, Candy Crush Saga. When you receive a lot of same app request of the different people, that app must have gone viral!

I tried to play Candy Crush Saga on Chrome this evening to see why is it so famous. If you’ve played Bejeweled Blitz, then basically this is no different. The trick however is when you get to see the levels, which offers a lot of variations, from blockages to voids to locks.


I also first saw my sister play this game on her iPad, so I thought hey, maybe this app is available on Google Play Store too. And there it was, and so I installed it. Quickly I logged in with my Facebook and miraculously, my game progress was synced to the phone. It occurs to me that this is a cross platform game, available on Google’s Chrome browser and also on your iOS and/or Android devices.


The game also offers a lot of curiosity to the player as you can combine different special candy together to make a unique reaction, such as the chain lightning candy can be combined with the row/column sweeper and make all those which are affected by the chain lightning to sweep off its particular column or row! There are several combinations that I have yet to try, but technical-wise this game is not an amateur. The soundtrack suits game’s theme nicely too, as the songs are very clockwork-toy-castle-esque.

Then comes the Facebook sharing. A social media game is not complete if you don’t bug or threaten the players to invite more friends to play. In Candy Crush Saga though, you can wait for lives to replenish or just simply get your friends to give you some instantly! If you’re out of moves, head on to purchase them on Facebook or head on to the app on your mobile device to purchase them in the app!


Personally though, I think that by far the greatest win is that Candy Crush Saga has no time limit. You can take an eternity to think before making the next move, no one cares!

I think this game is a great time-waster when it comes to the situation where you need to waste about 10 minutes or while waiting for someone. Great time waster, great variations, definitely great soundtrack and great advantage it takes on the power of social medias. I think this game sets an astonishing example on how one can really take advantage of social media with the correct brains to turn tides to your will.

And oh, the app for mobile is free too! Get it here now!

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