ASUS VivoBook S14/S15


“Tick, tock, tick, tock”, as the clock works its arms around, slowly completing one revolution. July 29th approaches real soon – in fact, just 10 days! But oh well, let’s just try out the Technical Preview now, shall we?


Sadly, you can’t. Not now, at least. Microsoft has removed all of the links to download the technical preview files. Even accessing the page for details on how to do it (given that you have another technical preview ISO file lying around) is removed.

Quoting from Microsoft’s Insider page,

NOTE: We’re very close to the public release of Windows 10 so we’re not onboarding any new PCs to the Windows Insider Program just now. You can still onboard a supported Windows Phone and please do keep using Windows 10 on any PCs you’ve already set up and sending us great feedback!

Basically, Windows 10 Preview for PCs are removed, but it’s still available for Windows Phones right now. Bummer – I was going to install the preview on my main PC instead of trying it on a very slow test machine I have lying around.

And oh by the way – all of the hyperlinks leading directly to the ISO download are also removed. All of them are removed.

All. Of. Them. Removed.

Source : Windows Insider

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