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Rumour first has it that Windows 8 was doomed with its newly redesigned UI that will confuse users who are not so technological, but Microsoft showed them who’s boss in the latest statistics of computer OS by Net Applications.

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Shown in the chart above, Windows 8 is now running on 5.1% of the world’s computer while Windows Vista is only 4.62%, making Windows 8 triumph over Vista’s failure. Windows 7 gained to 44.37% over the course of 4 years, whereas Windows XP still remains at 37.17% due to offices and some other users who are facing difficulties on upgrading their machine or the OS; thus being stuck.

As Microsoft eats up two big slices of the pie chart, Microsoft will have to buck up to retain the adoption rate if they want to catch up with Windows 7. Many people also skipped Windows 7 and Vista, jumped directly to Windows 8 because of the end-of-life notice that was given out by Microsoft, as it is no longer supported in any way.

Source : TweakTown

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