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[no_toc] Personally, I’m a big fan of the OnePlus One. It was the best of its kind at that time, and still kicks ass to this day. It’s the first ever smartphone that sets the bar for high-end smartphones on the cheap with decent quality and magnificent battery life.


I wish I know too, but focusing only in the Malaysian side of things, it seems like OnePlus fudged up big time. Their sales were absolutely horrifying, and social media engagement seems to be way too bland and feels a little zombie-ish as everything just feels dead there.

There are a couple of reasons where all these came about and eventually causing their problems now, but in Malaysia, I think we can pretty much break it down to a few major factors, from a consumer point of view. Just seems like OnePlus and Maxis wasted a glorious chance to cash in on the hype train, as many consumers bought other smartphones instead.

1. Invite system

Let’s take a look at a few things here – OnePlus denied any traffic from Malaysia to access their store page and tells us all to get over to Maxis’s page. That happened since the OnePlus One too. Then comes the invite system which I can feel everyone’s rage starting to fire up. Seriously the invite system needs to be abolished.


What does the freaking invite system is trying to do here? Present surplus stocks, or prevent surplus sales? Phones that OnePlus makes actually got many people to ride on the hype train – both the One and Two. But I digress. Since the invites from other countries can’t be used by Malaysians, we’ll have to wait for Malaysia-specific invites only.

Alright, I guess that’s fair since OnePlus isn’t officially launched in Malaysia just yet, partnered with and distributed by Maxis.

2. Purchasable with invite + Maxis plan only

I’m not going to lie – when I saw the words Maxis-exclusive only for the OnePlus One’s official sale in Malaysia, I got real sad.

Not because of the price of it however, I was already ready for it to skyrocket since the currency stooped real low at that time. I’m talking about the problem with the contracts that Maxis forced upon its users. Yet those plans aren’t cheap to begin with! We’re talking about a minimum of nearly a hundred bucks a month with only 1GB of data. Seriously Maxis, What the heck?


Absolutely no quantification on how many invites were brutally murdered and wasted because of this Maxis plan. I still remember the day when I saw that an invite was sent to my email. I opened that email and saw the invite code. With no hesitation, I clicked on it and it showed up on the purchasing site.

Clicked, and redirected to that Maxis site with all those plans, I raged instantly. Took it out on Facebook and I was surprised how many other peers of mine have wasted their invites too.

Never Settle, as OnePlus would have said it, that motivated me not to settle for this Maxis plan at all.

3. Purchasable with invites only

So it’s either their exclusivity expired or they’re desperate. The need to purchase the OnePlus 2 with a Maxis plans were stripped to invites-only. I have to say I’m a little glad, and way less invites are wasted now. Though I thought that this is all Maxis could have done to us, and not betray the OnePlus mantra.

no plans

With that, I was pretty sure Maxis had gotten to its final “phase” in the whole OnePlus 2 sales. I was pretty satisfied, but somehow Maxis is not. They have one last final stage.

4. Purchasable with no strings attached

Yeah, Maxis becoming a retailer just like the original OnePlus One.

oneplus 2

Is this the big unveil by Maxis? Maybe. I do like that they scrap the invite system all together! Though I think that Maxis did this a little too late, and that definitely took an expensive toll (no pun intended) on both the sales of OnePlus 2 and Maxis’s customer growth plans.

Still, I’m realy glad that Maxis and/or OnePlus did this for us fans.

5. “Conversion” campaigns

It’s not new to OnePlus to whip out such campaigns at all. I mean seriously, their first ever campaign called “Smash The Past” is for you to win a chance to buy a OnePlus One for just $1. Only 100 winners though, and that stirred up quite a big problem for them already.

Then a few days ago, this appeared on the internet.


I get it – OnePlus wants to help Hope Phones (they poked fun at the phone-smashing campaign too) and they want you to donate your perfectly fine Samsung flagship phones for the OnePlus 2. I smell desperation.

Meizu then gave OnePlus a taste of their own medicine with this.


Shots fired left and right, as Meizu really did stab OnePlus right in the heart with #TurnTheHeatOff. Hey – maybe if you’re using a Samsung flagship device and would like to change to a brand new Meizu PRO 5, you can do so now by first trading in your Samsung for a OnePlus 2, then to a Meizu PRO 5.

Great staircase effect!

Is it too late though?

Let’s face it – Celcom’s FIRST 38 is the one plan that I’d stick with for a long way to come. 3GB of data and can be carried forward for a month? That’s a no-brainer deal! Maxis plans for the OnePlus 2 is rather expensive yet inflexible, charging at a net price of RM44 for the the MaxisONE Plan 98’s calls, SMS, and 1GB data only (phone price excluded).

As said earlier, there are many of of my peers who resorted in purchasing other phones or just waiting the invites to expire. Seems like they really are late to the party, as the invite dropped in got us all hyped, but only to be presented by the Maxis plans.

Never Settle is what OnePlus taught us, and I think many of us never did settle for the OnePlus 2.

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