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Xiaomi actually won Samsung in terms of popularity in China! Given exclusive homeland advantage to Xiaomi, the manufacturer famous for its budget, high-end phone with a iPhone-esque version of Android known as MIUI, China showed us that their devices aren’t as horrible as assumed.

Xiaomi’s current flagship phone, the Mi 2S, is currently the most popular brand in China, according to Antutu, the benchmarking company that is also from China. They pointed out that the Xiaomi’s relatively low price to performance ratio most probably helped out its success in China.

Xiaomi tops Samsung in China’s popularity chart 1

In the previous year, Xiaomi sold 15 million smartphones and is aiming to sell 20 million units this year. Reports said that Xiaomi already sold 7.13 million units during only the first half of 2013, whereas a total 7.19 million units were sold in the entire year of 2012. Certainly there’s nearly a double of sales rate here for Xiaomi!

Another mind-boggling note is that the company just made an announcement on their Sina Weibo account saying this (well, just cut the crap and move on to the important point) :

100,00 units of the Mi 2S was sold out in 1 minute and 30 seconds, and reservations were placed for another 7.45 million units.

Crazy amount of phones, isn’t it? Remember – this is only in China alone. Xiaomi phones aren’t exactly for sale in other countries, let alone Malaysia, unless you have some agent to import it. Check out the MIUI Android ROMs for yourself if you have a custom ROM-flashable phone! They have been translated into many other languages since its release!

Source : MIUI Forum

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