If you just woke up and tried to watch some Youtube video this morning, you would be greeted by a blank template page with no content on it. This is because Youtube is down and it is not your browser’s or internet’s fault.

Youtube Is Down Globally 1

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One of Google’s services going down is quite a rare occurrence especially when it happens on a global scale. There had been multiple reports in the past hours that people just can’t seem to access Youtube.


Youtube Is Down Globally 2
Credit: https://downdetector.com/status/youtube

Being the second most visited website in the world, having this happen is a pretty big deal. So far there is no official update or statement given by the Youtube team for the cause of the downtime.

Stay tuned

[UPDATE 9:50am]

Youtube has finally acknowledged the downtime via Twitter. Seems that they are working on a fix which might be an indication that the problem is quite severe.

[UPDATE 10:17am]

Seems that Youtube is partially fixed. The front page loads but none of the videos are viewable.

Youtube Is Down Globally 3

Youtube Is Down Globally 4

[UPDATE 10:38am]

Unofficially, Youtube services are restored and are now back to normal

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