In exactly a week’s time, Multimedia University Engineering Society Overseas Research Program, or MESCORP or short,  is going to have their conference and exhibition for year 2014!

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This is their 11th research topic, and for 2014, they are focusing on renewable energy, particularly on hydrogen fuel cell. Their topic for this year is  Hydrogen Fuel Cell: The Future of Clean and Efficient Energy in Malaysia.

We’ve already attended the MESCORP Week 2014 that consisted of an educational talk on fuel cell and hydrogen energy system by Dr. Lorna Jeffery Minggu, which not only expanded minds, but also shifted the way we look at energy sources on earth.

Details for this year’s event will be as follows :

Venue : Dewan Tun Canselor, MMU Cyberjaya Campus
Date : 11 th of November, 2014
Time : 9.00am – 5.00pm

The highlights of the conference happening next Tuesday will be as such :

  • MESCORP Green Campus Challenge Final
  • Educational Talk
  • Exhibition
  • Lucky Draw
  • Freebies

For directions to the Dewan Tun Canselor in MMU Cyberjaya Campus, click on this link right here for the Google Maps location!

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If you’re attending the event, please do fill in the registration form here so that you’re entered into the lucky draw! But wait – the registration is only to keep a record, as the admission is free!

I’m sure that besides the lucky draw, you will learn a lot more about the earth and its energy sources, and even beyond. Open up to many more ideas found around the globe.

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