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It’s not a surprise that whenever a big event is coming by, everyone wants to be a part of it – be it the retailer, the manufacturer, or the consumer. Here’s 11street answer to the latest and biggest event, Single’s day. Just like its main competitor, 11street is running this event until December!

Among the key announcements Hoseok Kim, CEO of 11street, made at the press conference was:

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  • Unveiling of their biggest giveaway of the year – deals totaling to RM 11 million up for grabs for Malaysian shoppers. Starting from yesterday 11 November until 31 December, shoppers can redeem daily offers of deals and coupons with up to 90% discounts.
  • Marking the 11th of each month as ‘LOVE 11’ Day for consumers to enjoy significant giveaways
  • Exclusive Premiere of Thematic TVC – will be available nationwide via free to air TV networks and 11street’s YouTube channel starting from November 16th.
  • More quality products for ‘Shocking Deals’ promotions – double its variety of product listings to help consumers continue finding what they love at 11street
  • A stronger mobile app strategy for an enhanced shopping experience with more curated content with an improved user interface and user experience designs with additional personalized features. In line with this, 11street will be offering more mobile exclusive value deals and discounts.

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There’s also a little trivia that Hoseok Kim, CEO of 11street, told us – in Korea, November 11 is commonly known as a day where people show their affection towards loved ones by exchanging chocolate sticks of Pepero. I guess that fits in the number  “1” really neatly!

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