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Samsung just launched their brand new series of Galaxy S10 smartphones recently and with it comes a total of 3 smartphones – the Galaxy S10+, the Galaxy S10, and also the Galaxy S10e. The Galaxy S10e is new to the family and it truly deserves more attention than being just the budget option.

Here are 5 reasons why we should all give more attention to the Samsung Galaxy S10e. Also, Samsung is having their roadshow this weekend – go there and buy the Galaxy S10e there as you’ll get freebies as well!

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1. Price

Obviously, we are going to start off with the price. The Galaxy S10e is obviously the most affordable out of the 3 in the Galaxy S10 family of smartphones. The Malaysian pre-order for the Galaxy S10e reveals that it is at RM2,699 at launch.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sky Avenue Genting

This makes Samsung’s Galaxy S10e one of the most affordable flagship smartphone in the market – even cheaper than the Mate 20 when it was first launched a few months ago.

Looking at the history of price changes of Samsung flagship smartphones, the price will continue to drop over the course of the next few months. Hey – if you can wait for that long, then you might be able to score the Galaxy S10e for below RM2k? 🤔

But with such a low price tag, what is the compromise that we have to make? Let’s continue further down the list.

2. Size matters

Let’s be honest here – there are two polarizing camps of users here when it comes to the physical size of smartphones. One side says they need the largest display but the other camp says they need a smaller smartphone for ease of use – particularly when holding it one-handed or stuffing it in the pockets.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sky Avenue Genting
Same screen size as the S9.

The Galaxy S10e has the smallest screen out of the entire family. It has a 5.8-inch display which is actually the same as the Galaxy S9. And yes – some of us actually prefer a smaller smartphone because of how nice it fits in the palm of our hands for one-handed use. Combined with One UI’s intuitive and practical design, navigating the phone is a breeze.

Yet with Sony mobile division’s apparent departure, we do not think there will be another compact-sized smartphone with flagship specs from them ever again. Other manufacturers are only making phones with at least 6-inch screens. Samsung’s Galaxy S10e on the other hand, is the new heir to this particular throne.

3. Still packs the best performance

Yes, as mentioned above, the Galaxy S10e still packs Samsung’s latest Exynos 9820 chipset and its CPU features a 2+2+4 core setup. This is rather interesting as Qualcomm and HiSilicon are both using this configuration for their 2019’s flagship chipset too.

The Exynos 9820 has this configuration:

  • CPU
    • 2x Custom Samsung Exynos M4 @ 2.73GHz
    • 2x Cortex-A75 @ 2.31GHz
    • 4x Cortex-A55 @ 1.95GHz
  • GPU
    • ARM Mali-G76 MP12 with 12 cores

We actually already tested the Exynos 9820 since we have the Galaxy S10+ with us already. The performance out of this chipset is stunning, to say the least. Check out the review score for Geekbench down below when compared to other smartphones in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Geekbench benchmark

Obviously, no issues with gaming as well. We tried with the most demanding games we can find – Honkai Impact 3, Asphalt 9, and PUBG Mobile – the Exynos 9820 handled it without an issue.

With that said, the Galaxy S10e will also be enjoying this level of performance but in a smaller form factor. But hardware is only half of the story – what about software?

4. Fully equipped with Samsung’s features

Glad you asked. The Galaxy S10e will enjoy all of Samsung’s latest and greatest in terms of software and features.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sky Avenue Genting

It has Samsung’s very underrated feature – the Edge Panel. I have used this feature on a daily basis since I first got a Galaxy smartphone and that is because this panel can be customized to show you the clipboard.

Clipboard is of utmost importance to me because I usually have multiple things that I want to copy and paste. The entire list of items – yes, items – that I have copied will be listed there and I can select which item to paste through this panel. This is really handy.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sky Avenue Genting

Or you can swipe the Edge Panel to change it to the Smart Select panel. This is where you can take screenshots of only selected parts of the screen. Maybe record a GIF of what’s happening. You can select select a part of the screen and pin it so you can view information side by side.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sky Avenue Genting
No public WiFi available for these devices.

Let’s not forget my other favorite Samsung-only feature – Samsung Pay. It’s convenient, to say the least. If a payment terminal supports PayWave, then it will support Samsung Pay – at least that is what I understand. Since PayWave is getting more and more ubiquitous around the nation, Samsung Pay users will enjoy every bit of it.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sky Avenue Genting

The other exclusive new feature on the Galaxy S10 series is Bixby Routines. It is exactly like IFTTT but is integrated into Samsung’s One UI. For older Android users, you might remember the app called Locale or Tasker. Yes – Bixby Routine is just that.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sky Avenue Genting

5. Great cameras

Let’s start off by saying that the cameras on the Galaxy S10+ is great. In terms of specs, the Galaxy S10e has the same main and ultrawide angle cameras as the Galaxy S10+, just that it doesn’t have the telephoto camera.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Sky Avenue Genting

Either it’s price reduction or product segmentation, I don’t know. But what I do know is that Samsung made a good choice to retain the ultrawide angle camera instead.

For picture samples, check out our Galaxy S10+ first impressions here. It is using the same camera modules as the Galaxy S10e – minus the telephoto camera.

Arguably, the ultrawide angle camera is much more useful in terms of situations that demand it. Nice mountain view? Ultrawide angle to capture all of the landscape. Need more space for that family shot? Ultrawide angle again. By using the ultrawide angle camera, you can create some artistic shots. Let’s not forget that the Galaxy S10e is also IP68-certified so you can submerge it in the water and take some cool shots.

What’s your take on the Galaxy S10e?

Now that we have listed our own top 5 reasons why the Galaxy S10e should be given more attention, what about you? What are your reasons to get the Galaxy S10e? Or what are your reasons to not get the Galaxy S10e?

Remember, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 roadshow is happening this weekend. Buy any of the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones there and you’ll get freebies!

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